A challenge must be tackled with gusto (or avoided)

The Bloganuary prompt from a few days ago (ha!) was: Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

Well, I do my best to avoid facing up to challenges, these days. It’s all too exhausting. I am also tired of reading clichéd phrases like “It has been a challenging year.” Nowadays, I am very happy with “boring year,” or “routine day.” I don’t want anything out of the ordinary.

I could say though that when I started writing my blog, nearly eleven years ago, the technology was indeed a challenge. WordPress was hardly as user-friendly as it is now. The photos didn’t size up right; they were either all squeezed up or insanely stretched. The text didn’t seem to fit in anywhere. The challenge was not what to write, but how to actually arrange the content on the screen.

Nevertheless, I gritted my teeth and stuck with it. Things gradually got a little easier and although I was not entirely satisfied, in the end my blog looked reasonably appealing (although I didn’t think anybody was likely to read it, anyway; I was really writing for myself as much as anything else).

My blog was good writing practice. Creating one was an intellectual exercise. The challenge didn’t come from outside; it was driven internally. Challenging yourself is always the best way.

I actually enjoy little challenges on my trusty iMac desk top, which somehow helps me pull through. My next challenge might be a podcast – something I have wanted to do for at least the last year, but have never got round to doing. I do have the tools, but I don’t have the burning desire to get on with it, as I did with creating my blog.

For me, if a challenge pops up, I really have to want to deal with it. Otherwise, I will pretend it’s not there. I find this technique works quite well for me!

This comment from a writer named Jayleigh Cape resonates:

“Life keeps throwing me curve balls and I don’t even own a bat. At least my dodging skills are improving.”

GoodReads Quotes

There is one major intellectual and spiritual challenge in this time of greed and selfishness, but I doubt very much that it will ever be achieved, either by me or collectively…Still, I can try.

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