On emojis, and my misuse of them

I suppose emojis first came into fashion with the growth of social media. I am feeling, at this point, that I could do without them. They are punctuation marks, or rather enhancements of the statement before them. They don’t always work. Wouldn’t it be better to use words, instead, I wonder?

If I think I have been rather harsh or abrupt on Twitter (and this happens quite often) I try to temper it with a little winking emoji or a half-smile one. Somehow, though, doing that seems insincere; and that is the problem I have with emojis. They are fake. I am trying to phase them out in my tweets and posts.

Our Bloganuary prompt asked us what emojis we like to use. So that’s it. I am trying to keep it simple.

Well, I might keep a few. I like posting a big red heart when I love something, like a book or a quote or a photograph.

I also cannot resist the “eye roll” emoji. I probably use it too much, but that is when my cynical side kicks in, I’m afraid. That one might stay, although I will try to use it less often!

I try to show empathy with the “namaste” emoji. I might keep that one.

I am also going to suppress the emotions I feel when there is a particularly horrible crime committed (as there was today) or some other sad event, by not using the weeping emojis so much. It goes without saying that I am upset. I don’t have to tell people with tears all over the post.

What other emojis have I over-used and misused? One is the winking one, which I am going to cut out. The other is the “tears of laughter” rolling around. I can substitute a couple of words, instead.

Many of the emojis are too complex, and I have always avoided them. There are some that I don’t understand at all; I just don’t get the nuances. There are several that portray various degrees of shock and horror; which to use? It is so easy to misinterpret them. I have heard that sensitive social media users are sometimes offended by what they see as inappropriate emojis. It’s a social media minefield out there!

So, my plan with emojis in 2022 will be to tone things down. If you catch me indulging, or over-indulging, please feel free to remind me that my plan is to soften my emotions, and not to rely on an ugly little image to express them!

Can you believe there’s a World Emoji Day? If you want to celebrate, it’s July 17!

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