Living boldly in the time of COVID

How does one “live boldly”? Being bold is not just about courage and daring. It is also about attracting attention. It is not so much about physical exploits – more about making a statement.

This is my latest prompt from Bloganuary: “What does it mean to live boldly?”

Five years ago, seven Jamaican entrepreneurs received support (including much-needed promotion and marketing) from National Bakery, a well-established company headed by the rather awesome Gary “Butch” Hendrickson. He named them “The Bold Ones.” Like his own company, these seven businesses were all manufacturers. That is one sector that, given the pandemic, needs a boost more than ever, I suspect (apologies for the pun; I’ve had my booster). You can read all about The Bold Ones and find their contact information at this link. I hope they are still going strong.

So, this is one aspect of living boldly, I guess: putting your best put forward, and inspired by a concept, an idea or a purpose, going out there and taking a risk or two. Many Jamaican businesses (and in particular, our banks) are somewhat risk-averse. That is why I admire those who “put themselves out there.”

Tyrone Wilson, an example of Jamaican boldness and resilience. (Photo: Jamaica Observer)

One such entrepreneur is Tyrone Wilson, whom I first interviewed seven years ago, for this blog.

Tyrone has been through the proverbial wringer in the past two years, as COVID-19 started to bite – or rather, like a moth, COVID nibbled away at the fragile fabric of the Jamaican economy until it was in tatters. Tyrone’s iCreate Institute has now regrouped and is moving ahead with the Creative City project. And there is more.

One part of “boldness” that may also be important, and is exemplified in Tyrone’s case, is generosity of spirit. This is also exemplified by another entrepreneur who is all about empowerment, Yaneek Page; and by Jean Lowrie-Chin, who founded the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) – among many others. Last summer, Tyrone’s company offered free training in digital skills to 500 CCRP members.

One quality that Jimi Hendrix had in abundance: Boldness. He pushed the envelope through his music and lifestyle – a far way. That is true creativity.

Boldness is, perhaps, a state of mind that spurs action. It includes taking risks. It includes creativity. It includes lots of energy. It includes an open mind, an open heart.

All of these qualities, I believe, are truly needed in this “time of COVID.”

Now here’s an inspiring African woman: Ghanaian-British tech business woman and tech lady Lucy Quist wrote a book called “The Bold New Normal.”

4 thoughts on “Living boldly in the time of COVID

  1. I agree that it’s quite bold when people start a business and put themselves out in the world in general. As you stated, it requires a lot and not everyone has what it takes.


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