Writing? I just do it…

“What do I like about my writing?” What an odd prompt for today’s Bloganuary. But since I have not dropped out yet and need to keep going with my posts, here’s my response:

I am much more interested in what my readers like (or don’t like) about my writing. I am not very good at critiquing my own work.

So, OK, I would give myself 10/10 for spelling. I have always been good at spelling, although nowadays I do have occasional lapses with American spelling (in Jamaica we use the British spelling – after all, we are a former colony) – especially when the computer/phone changes it for me.

I would say 8/10 for grammar. Again I have lapses, as I unfortunately slip into “social media-ese” – basically abbreviations and snatches of observations, when a longer sentence would normally work better. It’s a kind of shorthand; and as we know, these off the cuff remarks can be easily misunderstood. It’s really better to spell it out. (You see, instead of that last sentence, I was tempted to write: “Better spell out”!)

As for everything else, I am quite critical of my own writing – in particular, on my blog (I do write other things). I sometimes wonder if I am simply repeating myself. The thoughts that circulate in my head very often recycle themselves. I often wonder if I am just writing the same thing in different ways – which must be quite tedious for my readers!

That is why it’s important (for me, at least) to change topics every now and then. I need to stretch myself, and perhaps even write about a subject with which I am almost totally unfamiliar. I have done this a few times.

And, as far as the kind of writing I do is concerned, I must do my research. If I haven’t done my homework properly, I can feel it in the finished product. I just know it’s not complete. I am no journalist, but I think this is a journalistic tendency. So, there is always Google, and the option of reaching out to people in the know. Contacts! Information! Perspectives!

Those are my main concerns, really. Apart from that, I am happiest when I am writing, I think. It doesn’t matter what – whether it’s a press release, a blog post, an online article or a short story (I write all of the above) – I enjoy it. I simply love writing, creative writing in particular. Whether anyone wants to read it – that’s another matter!

One little postscript: today I read a beautifully written, moving article about writing. Literally writing with a pen and ink, that is. It is called “My Father’s Handwriting”…

My father wrote in beautiful, elegant strokes with care and patience, each word strummed like a musical chord.

Essay on Al Jazeera.com

The funny thing is that the writer only had a vague idea what his father was writing – and will never know, because his notebooks were lost.

Which rather proves my point. Perhaps it doesn’t matter what you are writing about. It’s the act of writing that matters.

4 thoughts on “Writing? I just do it…

  1. I love this blog Post. I write but I am not a writer, nor am I any good at it. In fact, I am rubbish at it. I write to unburden myself. My problem is that I am an opinionated thinker, my mind is always going with some internal debate. To the point where I cannot sleep and would sometimes dream about the things I am thinking about. It is a problem I face being a software developer, dreaming code. It was my aunt who suggested I unburden myself of the things waging war in my head by writing it down. I write but I do not care about my readers because I am not writing for them, it is a selfish act. My dear aunt suggested that I not pay too much attention to grammar, just get it out of your head and then do your best to fix it after, at some point. I find if I do not get these things, I am thinking about and debating about in my head – out of my head, it would drive me crazy.


    1. Thank you so much for your comments! You know, I am just the same as you. Thoughts and opinions, and ideas often whizz round my head at night! It’s crazy. I don’t know what the answer is. But I am definitely not a software developer! I find meditation calms me down – but so does writing, which is also often a selfish act for me. It’s therapy, really. Your dear aunt is quite right – just get it all down, doesn’t have to be perfect. Thanks and I am happy you liked my post!


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