“Hope Is Like a Road In the Country”

I am reblogging this, because it so accurately reflects my New Year musings! Please read, and thank you Professor Carolyn Cooper for putting my thoughts so eloquently into words! And “Happy 2020, too”!

Jamaica Woman Tongue

There are several versions of a truly devilish meme circulating on the Internet. It features faces in various degrees of shock. The text says, “When you realise 2022 is pronounced ‘2020 too.’” We certainly know now to tek bad tings mek joke. But this is taking a joke too far. None of us has the strength to repeat the trauma of 2020. We have to believe that things will get much better in 2022.

One of the most inspiring messages I’ve found so far this year comes from Lin Yutang, a Chinese linguist, philosopher, novelist, translator and inventor. Born into a Christian family, Yutang dismissed his early upbringing as a form of cultural imperialism that undermined traditional Chinese values. He grew to embrace Taoism and Buddhism. In later life, Yutang did return to his religious roots, largely inspired by his wife Liao who was a devout Christian.

Yutang defined hope…

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