Blogging in 2022

Bloggers always seem to be making resolutions, something along the lines of…

I am going to blog every day.

I am going to blog every Wednesday.

I am going to make my blog more positive/exciting/varied/funny.

And most important of all: I am not going to give up!

Now WordPress wants to get us struggling bloggers off to a snappy start for 2022 with an initiative called Bloganuary. It’s rather a clumsy name, but it is all about getting those keyboards rattling and those fingers twinkling, as we each make a post every day based on a daily prompt from WordPress.

If you want to join, you still have a few days. Or you can start a WordPress blog for 2022! (Don’t bother with any of the other non-user friendly platforms!) Just click on the link above and you will receive the prompts (and meanwhile, comments from many other bloggers who will hopefully jump in on January 1). I think there are a few poets among them. Of course we can share our posts on the Bloganuary website and perhaps make a few new online friends and hopefully followers.

Blogging is semi-addictive (one has to have a niggling desire to write that is only satisfied by writing!) and although one does not have much idea about who is going to read a post, or when, or where, one does it anyway. I know very few regular Jamaican bloggers and can count them on one hand.

With Dennis Jones (husband of Therese Turner-Jones, whom I wrote about a few days ago) who is most diligent, I see myself as a kind of blogging triumvirate with Susan Goffe, who keeps an eye on how the Jamaican government is handling matters such as COVID-19. Of course there are others, including Kate Chappell, who posts a glimpse of Jamaican life every day. I also follow Dr. Anne Bailey’s blog, which I quite often reblog here. If you want to keep up with columns from Jean Lowrie-Chin (who writes in Monday’s Jamaica Observer) and Sunday Gleaner writer Dr. Carolyn Cooper, they post their columns on their websites too.

So, considering there will be quite a few Jamaicans joining Bloganuary (Dennis, Susan and myself are in!), I hope more Jamaicans will join, especially younger ones who have much to write about. On young bloggers, I would recommend Candice Stewart’s blog. She keeps her posts short and snappy and always has an interesting thought to share. Here’s her post about Christmas.

No denying it: blogging success is about consistency. One has to stick at it. Bloganuary is a reminder of this. Let’s get to it! It’s going to be interesting.

PS Over the next few days I will be delving into my 2020/21 archives and sharing posts on my Twitter account (@petchary) and maybe on Facebook (Emma Caroline Lewis). Sometimes I can’t remember what I’ve written, so it will be a refresher for me!

I am also planning to do my (once regular) news updates in a different way, so please look out for that…

We press on. Yes, a pun.

9 thoughts on “Blogging in 2022

  1. Honestly, I am not really a resolution person but I do want to be consistent in the work that I do. And I completely agree with you that bloganuary will do help us to be consistent with our blogging.


  2. Thanks for this honourable mention and also for sharing one of my recent posts with your audience, Emma. I appreciate it. I’m joining the Bloganuary press. Looking forward to this challenge as I doubt I’ve ever written consistently for 31 days. Whew! That’s a lot of days. 😅


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