Covid Reflections: Children and this third wave

Fellow blogger Susan Goffe has been following COVID-19 issues very closely. We have started talking about children, and back-to-school, recently. Coincidentally, we are expecting the first tranche of a shipment of Pfizer vaccine next week, for which the Ministry of Health and Wellness will prioritize children over 12 years old. Susan has lots of questions, and I hope they will all be answered!

Right Steps & Poui Trees

The early narrative about SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 offered us some comfort at the time; at least it didn’t seem to affect children as much and we were thankful. As the pandemic continued, we saw that though children were infected at lower rates than adults and if infected generally had milder symptoms, it was clear that some children who caught the disease could have severe enough symptoms to be hospitalised and some children died. Others had serious side effects that lasted beyound the acute phase of the disease. But still we took what comfort we could from the fact that these severe outcomes affected children at a significantly lower rate than it did adults.

The Delta variant of Covid-19, which is becoming the dominant strain of the virus in many countries, is changing the narrative. Children are contracting the disease at higher rates and are being affected more seriously. Countries such…

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