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I haven’t had much quiet time lately. Reading, and writing about books – and writing in general – requires a great deal of quiet time. Gradually, however, I will settle down and have three book reviews coming up shortly: two memoirs (autobiographies if you prefer) and one is poetry and poetic prose.

Here they are: “Pandemic Poems – First Wave” by our new Poet Laureate Olive Senior, which I am greatly looking forward to;

“State of Mind: Politics, Uncertainty and the Search for the Jamaican Dream” by Chris Tufton (yes, our Minister of Health and Wellness);

and “The Lady of Silk and Steel: From Everest to Embassies” by former U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica Sue Cobb.

Three books coming up for my review (I have read two of them).

In the COVID era, I am finding a return to my previously avid consumption of books rewarding, calming – and a delightful escape to different worlds. I am using my Kindle account to delve into some classics, which are mostly free. So far, it has been a deeply rewarding experience, re-reading books I devoured in my youth; some of them read completely differently at this stage of my life. I have been battling with the Russian aristocrats through “War and Peace,” romancing in the lush English countryside in “Far from the Madding Crowd,” and am now setting out to sea with Ishmael in “Moby Dick.” I have also read some contemporary novels, with a focus on migrant stories: American Dirtand “Exit West” are two I would recommend.

I update quotes and comments on GoodReads, an enjoyable website where you can get lost reading others’ book reviews, updating your own virtual bookshelves – and trying not to get tempted to buy too many more books. I think you can follow me here (my books seem to be in somewhat random order).

So, please stay tuned, bookworms!

P.S. What are you reading today?

2 thoughts on “Book reviews loading…

  1. Emma, I admire your book choices! I got past the first chapter of War and Peace many years ago. By the way, I have been enjoying – or learning from – all of your articles.


    1. Thanks so much, Angela! I read War and Peace quite fast. It slows down and is quite meditative in parts. The main characters are mere bit players in the grand scheme of things. I love it so much.


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