Soon Come

Happy World Wildlife Day!

You may be wondering why I have gone so quiet on this platform. No, I am not going through any personal crisis. Just plain busy!

I will soon be back on track, with a lot to catch up on. I haven’t even had a chance to update readers on the COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan – let alone some important environmental news. Stay tuned for my weekly Jamaican news round-up – hopefully later today.

Meanwhile, you might like to read two articles I have posted this week on Global Voices – the wonderful worldwide community that I am proud to be a part of. The first was on a brilliant photography competition organized by the Jamaica Conservation & Development Trust (JCDT) celebrating the 28th anniversary of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). I think you will enjoy the photos, reflecting the nature and culture of this beautiful area. Congratulations to the winners and all the entrants!

By the way, JCDT has a vibrant volunteer corps. If you know someone who loves nature and wants something to get involved with (even getting your hands dirty!) contact them at 25 Eastwood Park Road, Kingston 10 (corner of Courtney Walsh Drive) Tel: 876-960-2848-9 or 876-920-8278-9 Website: Also on Facebook and Instagram! They also need donations and support: Become an official Friend of the Blue Mountains here.

Our Volunteer Corps! 💚🌿 While making Holywell such an energizing and pleasant experience just by being here they also help to scope out new projects for the park’s devlopment, implement projects from simple construction to tree planting and growth monitoring and visitor management. (Photo: Facebook)

Secondly… On the sad news of Bunny Wailer’s passing, I wrote an obituary and quietly paid tribute to “Jah B” – also for Global Voices. If you don’t know much about his life and music, check out the many embedded links, which will take you to some documentary films, videos and of course music clips. I admit I shed a tear or two, yesterday. Sad times.

Anyway. Soon come! Stay safe and well.

A lovely stripey bee in our garden.

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