Another chance to see Jamaican environmental documentary, “Fly Me to the Moon”

There is another opportunity (in case you missed it, or want to watch again) for you to see Jamaican director Esther Figueroa’s 2019 documentary film “Fly Me to the Moon” at no cost. It will be aired as part of the Honolulu African American Film Festival on Sunday, February 28 at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time/Jamaican time). At 7:00pm (EST) there will be a great live panel discussion on Extraction and Environmental Justice in Oceania with Esther Figueroa, Katerina Teaiwa, Maureen Panjueli and Joy Enomoto. You need to register here.

Fly Me To The Moon is a feature documentary by Jamaican independent filmmaker Esther Figueroa, that takes us on a journey into the unexpected ways we are all connected on Planet Earth, following aluminum – the metal of modernity – around the world and into space. We travel for over one hundred years, visiting places as far flung as the Moon, Jamaica, India, Suriname, Canada, Cuba, Japan, Hungary, Iceland, Australia, Vietnam, and the United States of America. Along the way we encounter human triumphs, technological innovations, multiple wars, societal upheavals, and environmental devastation. And in the urgent here and now of the climate crisis, the film challenges us to think about the consequences of our consumption, reimagine the ways in which we live, and change our material culture and political economy that is destroying the planet we all depend on.

Air pollution at a bauxite mine in St. Ann. (Photo: JET)

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