An Appeal for André Thomas: A Member of Stand Up for Jamaica, in Need of Help

Stand Up for Jamaica (SUFJ) is a human rights non-governmental organization, which works diligently for the rehabilitation and welfare of our prisoners.

SUFJ is supporting an urgent fund-raising initiative started by Alexis Goffe.

André Thomas.

André Thomas is 39 years old and he is a prisoner at Tower Street Correctional Centre. André was a member of the Stand Up For Jamaica programme at Tower Street. He taught Math and was a strong advocate for policy changes, resulting in prisoners being able to take their books to their cells.

André has been one of the most well rehabilitated prisoners. His actions and example have motivated other inmates to take the path of working for an education instead going back to a life of crime.

Earlier this year, André was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and is in need of a bone marrow transplant. There are no facilities in Jamaica where this treatment option is available, so his doctor has recommended seeking treatment in Cuba. André has a short time to live unless he undergoes surgery.

SUFJ is working to get André released. The Department of Correctional Services is on board and has sent the required documents to the Governor General for him to authorize his release. Once this is secured, SUFJ wants to get André to Cuba as soon as possible. We have been in touch with the doctors there, who have said the cost for treatment is US$40,000. 

SUFJ is anxious to raise as much as possible to help André to receive the medical treatment he so desperately needs.

If you are able to support SUFJ and André, here is the link to make a donation: You can also send a donation via Paypal here:

Any support you are able to give would be deeply appreciated. Many thanks to Alexis Goffe.

On its website, the NGO describes itself thus: Stand Up for Jamaica is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2007 by a group of volunteers from Group 105 of Amnesty International Italy, with the main purpose of providing practical help for Jamaicans, for the most part for court-related costs and basic necessities for the inmates on death row in Jamaica’s prisons. Our current mandate is to enhance and maintain the human rights of all, particularly those who are from the vulnerable groupings – children, women, persons living in impoverished communities, inmates, persons living with disabilities, persons infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, etc. This is done by providing financial and non-financial support to our target populations, and to inform the general public about their rights.

Members of Stand Up for Jamaica pose for their picture at an event a few years ago. (My photo)

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