Caribbean Environment Week: Stepping Up to a Sustainable Future

Just take a look at the photos and videos from the past three or four weeks, as Tropical Storms Zeta and Eta hovered on our doorstep: eroded hillsides sliding onto roads and blocking them; large (and deep) flooded areas, potentially creating major health problems; we even had a “mini tornado” in Portland. We can no longer deny that environmental issues – many related to climate change – are right here and now. Then there is the pernicious problem of solid waste management, and the hotly-debated issue, urban planning. And where is the money going to come from?

A flooded road in St. Thomas this week – where many roads turned into torrential, impassable rivers. (Photo: Twitter)

These topics and more will be tackled during Caribbean Environment Week – November 9 to 13, in a series of daily conversations with a great variety of fascinating speakers. These will be conversations with a purpose. I hope you will be able to join Live ECCO and Environmental Solutions Limited as they explore solutions and come up with a “sustainability checklist.” Full details and registration for each talk are here:

Inaugural Caribbean Environment Week Takes Steps Towards a Sustainable Future

Several of the Caribbean’s most pressing issues related to sustainable economies and eco-friendly solutions will be addressed in a series of daily discussions from November 9 to 13, 2020, free and open to the public online. The inaugural Caribbean Environment Week, under the theme “Bold Steps Towards a Sustainable Future,” is presented by Live ECCO and Environmental Solutions Limited (ESL). The conversations with a range of exciting regional and international speakers will be live streaming online on the Zoom platform and on YouTube at @LiveECCO  from the offices of the Branson Centre and from the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) in Kingston, Jamaica.

The full week’s agenda and registration details for the Zoom event are available at: For updates throughout the week, we invite you to check the Live ECCO and ESL social media channels.

UNEP’s Vincent Sweeney will help kick off the week with his regional perspectives on sustainability.

Caribbean Environment Week 2020 represents a concentrated effort to tackle a range of environmental challenges impacting the region, and to point to workable “green” solutions. Tight, focused but free-flowing discussions with guest speakers from Jamaica, Trinidad, UK, and the Cayman Islands will examine issues such as solid waste management, financing for sustainability, youth activism, and urban planning for resilience. The overarching, ever-present phenomenon of climate change, which is affecting every aspect of our economy and livelihoods, will be factored into the discussions.

“Digital nomad” and sustainability expert with a passion for renewable energy, James Ellsmoor will be one of the enlightening speakers on “Climate Change: Our New Reality,” with Dr. Kevon Rhiney, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Rutgers University.

Caribbean Environment Week is the brainchild of Shelly-Ann Dunkley, Founder and CEO of Live ECCO. “In the Caribbean we face a range of environmental challenges. We are looking for and proposing pointers to the way forward,” said Dunkley. “We have identified many of the problems and established many goals. Now is the time to move to the planning and implementation of ideas – large and small. At the end of the week we aim to come up with a list of clear pointers, which we will present to our expert panelists, stakeholders, and followers on social media. The idea is to create an increased level of awareness and activism from people across the region and take a step forward. We are delighted at the overwhelming support we have received for the event!”

Climate activist Eleanor Terrelonge will be one of our “Youth in Action” at the Monday lunchtime session. She will be joined by Ben Somerville and Dejea Lyons of Protect our Future in the Cayman Islands.

“We are excited to partner with Live ECCO on this inaugural series,” said Eleanor Jones, ESL Chairman and CEO. “At ESL, we are committed to facilitating harmony between development and the environment, as climate change continues to impact our economy and society. Setting aside this week for analysis and reflection should offer us a space to examine some fundamental issues that we hope will inform stakeholders and policymakers. We have a tremendous lineup of expert speakers and we are looking forward to hearing their perspectives and identifying possible future actions from their determinations. We believe this platform will enable a clear-headed, fresh approach, putting Nature at the heart of our planning as we work through the current global challenges.”

So – how do we finance it all? Guest speaker David Noel will offer some insights at the Wednesday morning session on “Financing for a Sustainable Future,” with COK’s Ambassador Aloun Assamba and Christoph Jungfleisch of YAPU Solutions.

Dunkley expressed her thanks to the sponsors who have come on board for the week: Scotiabank, JUNK (Cayman), Coca-Cola and Cayman Business Solutions. “I would especially like to thank all of our guest speakers, who have given their time to provide expert advice and knowledge sharing. We are also delighted to have a distinguished lineup of partners from the Caribbean and beyond sharing their perspectives. We look forward to welcoming our online audience, answering their questions, and finding solutions while enlightening our people on their impact and how they can contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment.”

Sian is the Trinidadian connection and she will have plenty to say about solid waste management on Friday morning, alongside Dr. Lorna Inniss, Coordinator of the UN Environment Cartagena Convention Secretariat.


Live ECCO is Jamaica’s premier green lifestyle media outlet, providing valuable and practical steps to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle for persons and businesses who are interested in making a difference, but don’t want to compromise their lifestyle.

Live E.C.C.O. is filled with information for the environmentally conscious consumer and those looking to make a change to a greener lifestyle.

“Our Mission is to educate and increase consumer awareness. Helping to make “going green” a simple, gradual and affordable process. ”


Environmental Solutions Limited (ESL) is a noted Caribbean-wide resource of environmental excellence. Established in April 1991, ESL was the first company in Jamaica to offer environmental consultancy by introducing an integrated approach to environmental management and development. ESL provides environmental management services throughout the English-speaking Caribbean, Suriname, Central America, West Africa, Canada, and Asia.

ESL has extensive experience working with many of the Multilateral Organizations, including the Inter-American Development Bank, the World Bank Group and the United Nations Development Programme. Our experts have extensive knowledge of their environment and social safeguards and policies. We have successfully completed many projects directly and indirectly funded by these agencies. We have the skills to successfully navigate the requirements of these agencies to ensure that project objectives are achieved.

ESL partners with its clients to help them achieve their business objectives through a comprehensive range of environmental services that fall within its two operational units: Environmental Health and Analytical Services.

Yes, we are thinking about the money! Business journalist extraordinaire Kalilah Reynolds will host the Wednesday lunchtime session.

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