New NIDS Bill to be Tabled in Parliament Shortly…and be Passed by Year End?

Yes! The Government has gone back to the drawing board and the controversial NIDS is back on the front burner, after the old legislation was struck down by a Constitutional Court. It seems that the Prime Minister is anxious to get the legislation passed by year-end. Don’t we need more time? Here is all the background from fellow blogger, the very thorough human rights and governance watch person Susan Goffe.

Right Steps & Poui Trees

At the first session of the new Parliament on September 29, 2020, Prime Minister Holness made a statement about the National Identification System (NIDS) and laid out the timetable in which he hopes to see the new NIDS Bill passed into law. With legislation that will have such far-reaching impact and which has already been the subject of much controversy, it is important that adequate time is allowed for public review of the Bill before it becomes law. I am concerned that the timetable laid out by the Prime Minister may not allow sufficient time for this much-needed public review.

In his statement in Parliament, PM Holness said that the draft Bill had been completed and was before the Legislative Committee (of Cabinet) and that it would be tabled in Parliament before the end of October. A Joint Select Committee of Parliament would then be established and it was his…

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