#COVID19Chronicles-101: July 24, 2020: Should our official attitude towards domestic tourism annoy me? #Staycation Johnny come lately!

Well, here is a provocative post from my friend and blogger Dennis Jones, who has been much more prolific than I recently in the blogosphere. However, many of us have been much exercised in Jamaican social media on the topic of Jamaica’s tourism industry, in the context of COVID-19. All I can say about this post from Dennis is that what he states is pretty incontrovertible fact – and we also have one or two experiences, as “locals,” as he does. Like him, I find the Ministry of Tourism’s latest campaign (Rediscover Jamaica) offensive, condescending, and a blatant attempt to shore up the tourism industry, which is in a weakened state. Oh, we’re not doing so well – let’s scrape up some locals! (I can tell Dennis is worked up about this by the passages in red and blue!)

Rediscover Jamaica! Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett (right), converses with media personality, Sakina Deer, during the launch of the Rediscover Jamaica domestic marketing campaign, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston, on July 22. (Photo

Jamaica: Political Economy

Certain things rile me for their blatant insensitivity for the mass of people at whom they are addressed. That’s why I got riled up when I saw the Ministry of Tourism was launching a ‘Rediscover Jamaica’ programme this week to make residents a ‘priority at this time’.

It had a launch party midweek, virtually.

Several things were just downright offensive in my mind. First, was that now was the time to see Jamaicans as a priority; when the bottom was falling out of the market because…

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