#COVID19Chronicles-62: June 15, 2020: What they’re doing is criminal

During the COVID-19 pandemic, crime has reared its ugly head once again. I asked a question recently about getting a handle on extortion (fundraising for the gangs) but no one seemed to have a clear answer. Who is involved? Who benefits, or as that sharp political mind Cicero is known to have said, “Cui bono?” Clearly, many do in what my fellow blogger Dennis Jones describes as the “beggar-my-neighbor culture” that flourishes here. I agree with him that while our Government’s approach to COVID-19 has been proactive and all-embracing, it continues to simply muddle along on crime – whether white collar, blue collar, or no collar at all. Here are Dennis’ thoughts…

Jamaica: Political Economy

Many people are critical of economists because of their poor forecasting record. But, forecasting is only a part of what economists do. For the most part, they try to understand what people and organizations are doing and how that affects the production of goods, services, costs and revenues in a geographical space. If they manage to understand that well, they can go on to assess the chances of those things increasing and declining, and with what magnitude. Associated with the output and financial implications, we get to understand and assess lots of other things, including how many people get involved in all of that. We’re really interested in that because we have a general liking for people to be active (in positive ventures), not just for the economic gains, but also because we believe that society will function better when people are ‘gainfully’ employed. On that basis, alone, we ought…

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