Black Lives Matter: BirdsCaribbean Stands in Solidarity



Dear Members of the BirdsCaribbean Community,

Recent, tragic events serve as a stark reminder that racism and racial injustices continue to tear apart and divide communities around the world. Direct and indirect violence, discrimination, and oppression against black people cannot be tolerated.

Our hearts go out to those that have been—and continue to be—hurt and affected by these inhumane and heinous actions. We stand in solidarity with black communities demanding accountability, reform, and respect.

The BirdsCaribbean community, spread out across the Caribbean islands and around the world, strongly supports efforts to advance justice, peace, and unity, and we stand beside those who work so tirelessly to see these goals achieved.

Our organization will prioritize actions to become a bigger part of the collective solution moving forward, using our reach, influence, and mission to create the safest environment possible and most equitable treatment of our friends, colleagues, and partners.

— The BirdsCaribbean Board of Directors

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