COVID-19 Update for Jamaica, May 17: Three New Cases in 24 Hours, Total 520

Here’s the latest from the Ministry of Health and Wellness, as of Sunday evening, May 17, 2020… Go to their COVID-19 website here for much more information. You can also self-report and apply to get tested at this address.


COVID-19 Update: Jamaica now has 520 Confirmed Cases

  • 3 new imported cases; 6 more recoveries

 KINGSTON, Jamaica. Sunday, May 17, 2020: In the last 24 hours, three hundred and twenty-two (322) new samples have been tested, as advised by the National Surveillance Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness. From the new samples tested, three (3) new positive cases have been identified, which brings the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Jamaica to 520. In the meantime, six (6) more patients have recovered and have been released from isolation, bring that total to 127.

The three new cases are imported, from the cohort of Jamaicans who returned to the island from the USA on Wednesday, May 13. They are all females: two with a local address in Kingston & St. Andrew and one from St. Thomas. Their ages range from 37 to 72 years and they were all asymptomatic at the time of sample collection.

Jamaica now has 44 imported cases; 201 cases are contacts of confirmed cases, which includes: 25 cases import-related, 59 related to local transmission cases (not epidemiologically linked) 96 contacts of employees in the workplace cluster in St. Catherine and 21contacts of confirmed cases under investigation. Additionally, there are 24 local transmission cases not epidemiologically-linked and 251 are under investigation (225 of those under investigation are linked to the workplace cluster in St. Catherine and 26 others.)

 Some 315 (61%) of the confirmed cases are females and there are 205 (39%) males, with the ages of all confirmed cases ranging from 2 months to 87 years.

Of the 520 cases confirmed with COVID-19 to date, 127 have recovered (24.4% recovery rate), and 9 (1.7%) persons have died. There are 384 (74%) active cases, of which there is one (1) moderately ill patient and none critically ill.

There are 437 patients in isolation and 324 persons of interest in quarantine at a government facility.

The National Public Health Laboratory and the National Influenza Centre have tested to date, a total of 8,515 samples with 7, 930 negative and 65 samples are pending.


Clinical Management Summary as at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Total Samples Tested


Results Positive


Results Negative


Results Pending


Discharge Samples Tested (24hrs) 36
New Samples Tested (24hrs) 322




Number in Facility Quarantine


Number Hospitalised

(Including suspected positive COVID-19 cases)


Persons Moderately Ill


Persons Critically Ill


Persons in Facility Isolation


Persons in Home Isolation


Persons in Transitional Facilities 12



2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Update for Jamaica, May 17: Three New Cases in 24 Hours, Total 520

    1. It is a miserable thing… It also affects people who already have weak immune systems – those with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc.


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