Notes to Self on Boxing Day

It is a perfect day. Sunlight like honey, an occasional gentle breeze. The White-winged Doves are cooing. Only an occasional car passes. There are no motorbikes revving up their engines, no builders shouting and banging on the house over the road. No trucks.

Our road is always busy during the day, so we appreciate the quiet. Moreover, the post-Christmas period (let’s face it, it’s only one day) is always a good time for a bit of introspection. So, I am doing some of that inward-looking stuff. I have set myself some guidelines.

I would not call them New Year resolutions, but I have been considering how I can do better.

Here goes:

In general (and in no particular order)…

Live every moment. Be aware.

Seize the Day If you have never read this short but brilliant novel by Saul Bellow…It’s highly recommended.

Smile more, laugh more.

Be kind, and appreciate others’ kindness, whether towards me or not.

Do not tolerate ignorant, malicious, aggressive, greedy, uncaring people. At all, ever.

But try to listen to others’ opinions more closely, even if they don’t listen to my point of view. We are not very good at listening to each other these days.

And a sort of to-do list…

Read more.

Write more.

Get into the habit of journaling (I already do it, but rather in fits and starts).

Meditate daily.

Do yoga at least once per week.

Keep up my bird observation notes and report to eBird.

Take a photography class.

Fix up my book blog, which needs a new name and format.

Start podcasting.

Continue to support Arsenal Football Club (this could be a tough one).

Exercise more (but of course!) That’s always my resolve…

I think that’s enough for today – and for 2020. I am not getting over-ambitious. How about you?


3 thoughts on “Notes to Self on Boxing Day

  1. I feel you on the Arsenal point. The draw against Bournemouth wasn’t bad per say but we’re 11th and Liverpool is likey to be the new iIvincibles; 52 from a possible 54 points is unreal 🤦🏽‍♂️


    1. Yes, they are heading that way. They have an amazing coach and the chemistry is just right – quite like when Arsenal were the Invincibles! Sometimes, things just click into place. We need to end up on a better place than 11th, let’s see how we do with Arteta.

      Liked by 1 person

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