A Hard Road to Travel: Curbing Mayhem on Jamaican Roads

I have been writing about road safety quite a bit lately – including for Global Voices. Here my fellow blogger Dennis (I am glad he is back on the blog treadmill after a bit of a hiatus!) shares his thoughts. “Impunity” is a relevant word. The final tally of deaths on the road for 2019 is likely to be 420 – 430. Not to mention the hundreds (thousands?) of injuries, great and small, and the terrible impact on Jamaicans’ lives.

Jamaica: Political Economy

I think many Jamaicans will say “About damn time!” (excuse my language) at the announcement (yet another one) that the PM and government will take measures to deal with what has become a national ill. I speak of the mayhem and havoc on our roads on a daily basis, which seem to have gotten worse in the past year or so (or it could be that more of these instances are now captured in images and videos). So, the Gleaner headline says PM ‘vows to quell traffic chaos‘. Key points cited are:

  • “I want the taxi men and road users as well to appreciate that there can be no prosperity in chaos and disorder,”
  • Motorists who breached the Road Traffic Act with impunity by disobeying traffic lights would face stiff fines with the introduction of new technology to monitor breaches.
  • “Next year, there will be a programme to…

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