Coastal Cleanups Lined Up for Every Major Coastal Town on September 21

I am saving my energy for International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day Jamaica 2019 – this coming Saturday, September 21. I hope you will be participating! Congratulations to the Jamaica Environment Trust for again gathering a huge number of volunteers and registered sites – see the full list in the press release below; and cheers to the awesome sponsors.

I hope you will be there. Let’s do it! 

Rotary Club of Black River volunteers will be cleaning up the Black River coastline again in 2019. (Photo: JET)

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has registered 189 cleanup sites for International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day Jamaica 2019, which is to be held next week Saturday, September 21. Cleanups have been registered in every major coastal town across the island this year, including the cities of Kingston, Portmore and Montego Bay – a first for the annual event which has been coordinated by JET on a national scale and funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) since 2008.
“Over ten thousand Jamaican volunteers are gearing up for ICC Day next week, where they will tackle the huge quantities of solid waste which have been transported to our coast by the heavy rains which have been affecting the island recently,” said Suzanne Stanley, JET’s CEO. “Most of the garbage we remove on ICC Day comes from inland sources – carelessly discarded waste, which is carried by gullies, rivers and drains to our coastline. The possibility that we will see the coastline of every major coastal town in Jamaica cleaned up by Jamaican volunteers for ICC 2019 is a huge milestone.”

JET has registered 3,000 volunteers for its flagship cleanup on the Palisadoes Strip in Kingston, and will work with 138 site coordinators to carry out cleanups in all 14 parishes, including 19 underwater cleanups.

“At ICC cleanups, volunteers are not only responsible for picking up trash, but also collecting data on the type of garbage they collect,” said Tamoy Singh Clarke, JET’s Programme Director. “We are very interested to see whether Jamaica’s ban on certain types of single-use plastic in January this year will change the composition and quantity of waste collected on ICC Day 2019.”
The data collected by volunteers on ICC Day is compiled and sent by JET to the Ocean Conservancy, who has been coordinating the event globally since 1985. A full list of 2019 ICC events taking place across the island on September 21 is available on JET’s website, at the following link:
JET encourages all Jamaicans to join a cleanup in their parish. International Coastal Cleanup Day Jamaica 2019 is funded by TEF, Recycling Partners of Jamaica Ltd, Protex, and the JPS Foundation.

Shooters Hill and Wickie Wackie Citizens Association cleaned up the Shooters Hill coastline in St Andrew in 2018. (Photo: JET)

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