Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Goes on the Road

In the struggle to clean up our environment (and it is a struggle) the private sector has got on board, at least in recycling efforts (and the good news is that the revamped Recycling Partners of Jamaica was launched recently in Kingston). Wisynco ECO has been on board with Jamaica Environment Trust’s (JET) Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign from the start, with consistent support. The supermarket chain MegaMart also supported JET’s recent public education tour. 

RushCam spins the wheel with a patron at the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Road Trip stop in Montego Bay on August 23, 2019. (Photo: Jamaica Environment Trust)

What I would like to see now is for micro, small and medium-sized businesses to step up to the plate in their environmental awareness. I have not seen much evidence of this. They are falling down in the area of solid waste management; “informal garbage dumps” in town and country areas are evidence of this. We have a long way to go, but Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica is pressing on. Kudos to Ms. Shelly-Ann Dunkley of Wisynco, whose enthusiasm for recycling knows no bounds. This team deserves support – get behind them and play your part!

Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Takes a Recycling Road Trip

Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) took its public education on solid waste management on the road this summer by staging its first annual Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica (NDUJ) Road Trip in partnership with Wisynco ECO and MegaMart. During the month of August, the NDUJ Road Trip made stops at MegaMart in Mandeville (August 9), Portmore (August 10) and Montego Bay (August 23) to promote plastic bottle recycling and remind Jamaicans about the recent ban on single-use plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam.

A representative from Wisynco ECO accepts plastic bottles to be recycled at the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Road Trip stop in Montego Bay on August 23, 2019. (Photo: Jamaica Environment Trust)

“The Road Trip was a great opportunity for us to distribute alternatives to single-use plastics like reusable shopping bags, straws and water bottles, and engage with Jamaicans on better ways to manage their garbage,” said Lauren Creary, JET’s Project Coordinator for the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Campaign. “We look forward to making it an annual event,” she continued.

Through the NDUJ Bring-A-Bag-A-Bokkle initiative, at each Road Trip stop members of the public who brought in 30 or more plastic bottles for recycling received a free gift from Wisycno ECO and Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica – t-shirts, reusable bags, reusable straws, reusable bottles and notebooks. Social Media Personality, RushCam, hosted the Road Trip, engaging the public with questions on garbage management in Jamaica for a chance to spin-the-wheel and win. During the Road Trip members of the public were also encouraged to make a pledge to “Keep Wi Island Clean” by taking personal responsibility for the garbage they generate through reducing, reusing, recycling, and composting their waste.

This customer made a pledge to continue recycling his plastics at the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Road Trip stop in Mandeville, Manchester on August 9, 2019. (Photo: Jamaica Environment Trust)

Twenty-five jumbo garbage bags full of plastic bottles weighing over 250 pounds were collected during the NDUJ Road Trip activities. Wisynco ECO assisted JET with weighing the plastic bottles for recycling and helped the NDUJ team to convey the ‘Recycling plastic feels fantastic’ message. “The energy of Jamaicans and their interest in recycling to help keep Jamaica clean inspires us,” said Shelly- Ann Dunkley, Environment Communications Officer at Wisynco. “Their spirit keeps us on our corporate mission of improving the lives of our people by pushing recycling in every facet of our lives,” she continued. Wisynco is co-funder of Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign along with the Tourism Enhancement Fund; MegaMart was also a key supporter of the 2019 NDUJ Road Trip.

“It was our pleasure to host the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Road Trip this year,” said Kimberly Johnson, Marketing Officer at MegaMart. “This initiative was effective in enabling our staff members, shoppers and communities at large to be more conscious of our impact on the environment”

Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica is a public education campaign that aims to improve citizen knowledge about the impact of poorly handled waste on public health and the environment, while encouraging personal responsibility for the generation and disposal of waste.

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