Listen and Dance…to Seretse’s Jazz Orchestra

Would you like to support musical education, and young musicians? Then this is for you. Seretse Small, a brilliant guitarist himself (I am concerned that he calls himself a “former” guitarist!) has been busy all summer with music camps and performances, and now he is recommending that we come and “Dance and Jam!” with him in Kingston. Please also make a contribution to the Avant Academy’s music scholarships for unattached youth. Here’s more…


The Avant Academy of Music Orchestra will be performing at the Jo Jo’s Jerk Pit at 12 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10 in a night entitled, “Dance & Jam!” on Saturday, August 31, 2019. Admission: Make a donation to the Scholarship Fund. Time: 7:30  pm

This will be the newly formed orchestra’s third performance. The first was at the inaugural Avant Academy of Music Festival held at the Philip Sherlock Centre in July, 2019. The orchestra, which is more of a jazz orchestra than a symphonic one, is led by the founder of Avant Academy of Music, Seretse Small. The former jazz guitarist is the musical director and arranger for the group which consists of students, music mentors from the school and a mix of professional and amateur musicians.

The orchestra exists to support the school’s scholarship program, both from a fundraising and educational development point of view. Since its inception, it has been receiving requests for performances for residential and corporate events. This fits the orchestra’s mandate to be a tool for fundraising and to also provide a training ground for gaining employable skills for the performers.

The objective of the scholarship program is to offer 150 scholarships to unnattached youth. These are persons who are not in the educational system or employed. The scholarship recipients will be awarded three year scholarships to attain certification through the London College of Music Exams.

“We are promising a night of big sounding music, music that will make you dance, music that will make you proud and enjoy living in Jamaica,” Seretse said, speaking of the repertoire for the night.

Jamaican jazz guitarist Seretse Small – from his Twitter page @seretsesmall You can also find Avant Academy of Music on Facebook.

Here’s something from Avant Academy’s website that describes its vision:

The number one cause of our lack of advancement and wealth as a nation lies in the presence of a chokehold of racism and classism. This chokehold of racial and social barriers has caused our people to be in a perpetual state of scarcity which renders them unable to truly grow and advance and realize their true potential.

Over the next 15 years, we want to scale up our intervention significantly and through this Avant community framework, we are aiming to certify 7350 unattached youth throughout Jamaica freeing them from the clutches of social discrimination and poverty. And so, we are actively recruiting and expanding our community of investors, educators and donors to make this happen.

Students at the Avant Academy of Music. (Photo: Avant Academy)

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