Natural History Museum of Jamaica and Highway 2000 East-West: Big Promoters of Jamaica’s Biodiversity

I confess to being biased: I just love the Biodiversity Awareness Programme of the Natural History Museum of Jamaica. I also love the partnership with Highway 2000 East-West, who are steadfast supporters of environmental education programmes at five primary schools close to the highway. The company’s support over the years has been hugely appreciated and it is a shining example for other private sector entities to follow.  

Ever supportive: members of the Highway 2000 East-West team at the Natural History Museum’s World Wetlands Day excursion to Mason River earlier this year. (My photo)

So join us at Freetown Primary School (an easy one-hour drive from Kingston and a few minutes off the Highway) on Friday for a fantastic Expo on gardens and gardening. Yes, the school has a great garden of its own. It’s free and open to the public. The students are very proud of this year’s “green” project. Come and support them!

For further information, contact: Mrs. Eartha Cole, Education Outreach Officer, Natural History Museum of Jamaica, Institute of Jamaica, 10-16 East Street, Kingston | T: 876 922-0620-6 ext 352 | F: 922-1147

NHMJ and Highway 2000 East-West: Big Promoters of Jamaica’s Biodiversity

Kingston: June 25, 2019Biodiversity Expo: Cleaner is Greener! The Natural History Museum of Jamaica (NHMJ) in partnership with Highway 2000 East-West has been engaging schools in a Biodiversity Awareness Programme for over five years with each academic year ending with an end of project exposition in which the students show the fruits of their labour. This year, under the theme “Cleaner is Greener: Making Gardening Work for You”, the expo will be held on Friday, June 28, 2019, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm at the Freetown Primary School in Freetown, Clarendon.

Schools and organizations that have participated in the Biodiversity Awareness Programme will get an opportunity to mount displays on topics such as Health and Wellness, Food Security, as well as demonstrate awareness of Jamaica’s biodiversity through a school competition.

This expo will be opened to schools as well as the general public and promises to be an enriching encounter that is aimed at sharing best practices for youth in agriculture and building the capacity for sustainable agricultural practices among our nation’s youth. There will also be opportunities to tour the host school’s vegetable garden.

Entities such as Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), National Irrigation Commission (NIC), Water Resources Authority (WRA), Trees that Feed Foundation, De La Enzie Essentials, BirdsCaribbean, Bodles Agricultural Research Centre, Tacius Golding High School, Something Country Jamaica Ltd. and the Public Gardens Division (Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries), have all collaborated to impart valuable hands-on knowledge and practice during this year’s host of activities.

An example of our precious biodiversity at Mason River Protected Area in Clarendon. (My photo)

This Biodiversity Awareness Programme began in 2011 at the Chandler’s Pen Primary and Junior High School in Chateau, Clarendon and since then some of the major outcomes of the project are biodiversity-related activities such as entrepreneurship and the creation of value-added products through medicinal gardens and composting.

The programme has since been expanded to the Freetown Primary School, Moores Primary and Infant School, Rosewell Primary School and Independence City Primary School in the Clarendon and St. Catherine region. Chandler’s Pen Primary and Junior High have further benefited from the construction of a Biodiversity Resource Centre. Schools in close proximity to Highway 2000 East-West were given the opportunity to develop a school garden populated with plants of their choice under the Biodiversity Awareness Programme.

The Cleaner is Greener Challenge: Making Gardening Work for You.

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