The Children of Rose Town Need Your Help This Summer

It’s summer camp time, again. The school holidays are long. While more privileged children enjoy exciting activities throughout the summer, and may even travel abroad, for some communities a summer camp is a lifeline for children and their parents.

The Rose Town Foundation’s sign on Moore Street. (My photo)

Please see the following urgent message from the Rose Town Foundation, below, and help a child if you can. Targeting 30 children aged between 6-12, the camp will run Monday to Friday from 9:30am (registration) to 3:00 pm. “We are trying to include both breakfasts (porridge and fritters) as a way of getting them to come on time and be energized for the day, and a nutritious lunch … of course all depending on what we can get donated and the funds to have someone prepare,” says Ruth Jankee, Executive Director of the Rose Town Foundation.

The Foundation has a wonderful three weeks of activities planned, with a particular focus for each week – Environment/Recycling, Sports/Food, and Dance/Science. The program also includes life skills, games, spelling bees, and yoga.

If there is any way AT ALL that you can assist, please get in touch with them right away. The Foundation is at  26 Moore Street, Kingston 13, Jamaica and their number: (876) 758 6880. Their email address is Read more about them on their website – below.

Summer camp in progress at the Rose Town Community Library. (My photo)

Here is the Foundation’s message:

Rose Town is a community that has been plagued by violence for a number of years and where almost 40% of the adults are unemployed. At this rate finding funds for something like a summer camp is not even an option for most families. For a number of years, the Foundation has received funding to operate a free summer program but the organization that provided funding had a shift in direction and the money is simply not there. We cannot let the children suffer for this so we as an organization are doing the best we can to seek and secure support to ensure a fun-filled few weeks over the summer for 30 children ages 6-12 years.

“Summer Camp helped me believe in myself”-2018 summer camp attendee

For over 7 years, the Foundation has offered the children of Rose Town a safe place where they can tap into the unknown and explore places within themselves they never knew about before. Summer camp truly changed the life of this and many other children who have attended camp in the past. This would not be possible without the support of generous donors and sponsors who care to support the program. That is why we write to you today…to ask if you will consider supporting the summer camp at The Rose Town Foundation, an organization based in the Rose Town Community located in West Kingston, Jamaica.  (

Boys working on a project in Rose Town in July, 2016. (My photo)

Campers make new friends and enjoy days filled with fun activities including theatre, sports, dance, games, arts and crafts, gardening, life skills, and even a day trip if funds allow it. They get to create new experiences and gain invaluable skills that will propel them forward in their lives. Camp also helps children to build their confidence and provides valuable mentorship and role models from staff and volunteers.

While donations in any amount will be greatly appreciated please note that for only $10,000.00 you can sponsor a child to camp for one week. Your contribution in any amount will help to ensure that the camp takes place.

Donations in kind will also be greatly appreciated and note that refreshments are a big part of our costs so any donations in that area will also be welcomed. Remember Water is life and the summer heat is punishing! See Donation list below.

You will truly be making a difference in the lives of children from the community … and their parents who rely on camp as a means to keep the children busy and out of trouble during the summer months. If you want to become involved and can offer support please get in touch with us at 876-758-6880 or

A street view in Rose Town. (My photo)

Never doubt the lasting impact Summer Camp has on a child’s life.

On behalf of our young campers and their families, thank you so much for your generous support.

In-Kind Donation List

Equipment: Footballs, Basketballs, Tennis Balls, Pylons, Sports Jersey (possibly from a sponsored company), party favors and other goodie bag style toys. Note lightly used items will be accepted.

Refreshments: Snacks (chips, crackers, biscuits, granola bars, tea, cakes, fruit cups, fruit snacks),  Bread, Water, Sweet Buns, Vegetables, Meat (chicken, beef, fish, mutton), Pasta, Rice, Corn Beef.

Arts & Crafts: Popsicle Sticks, Toothpicks, Glitter, Glue, Paint, Paint Brushes, Construction Paper, Scissors, beads, paper, pencils, etc.

A small boy peers out from the window of the Rollins Enterprise Centre, which was refurbished in 2014 with funds from the Princes Trust. (My photo)


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