Endangered Species Day – May 17

I am always moved by blog posts from my (online) friend, artist, nature (and especially bird) lover. Her beautiful photos always fill me with joy. This post from Lisa in Ecuador also connects with my last blog post and the concerns over the toxic chemicals we use to spray our plants and crops. Of course, they affect wildlife. After all, everything is connected. I hope you enjoy this article (and the whole blog, which is wonderful). Thank you, Lisa!

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P2090893 AUGUST 7 GREY-BACKED HAWK POZA HONDA 1 PM terrain Where is the VIP bird?

Poza Honda Ecuador – I will forever treasure the moment I saw this bird.   Minding its own business, it perched on a branch of Cecropria in a small switch-back area between the reservoir and a small waterfall.   My eyes were on the gravel road, the downhill route and the upcoming curve.  Beside me and in the back of the truck were paintings to be delivered to Museo Portoviejo.  I was an hour late, yet when I saw that raptor, I braked to a stop, fumbled for my camera and took several faraway photos.  The bird had presence.  A strong presence.  Perhaps I ‘felt’ the bird more than I first saw it?

I drove a little closer, took more photos and wondered what magnificent raptor was peering back at me.    Satisfied with the photos, I resumed my journey and forgot about the bird.

A day…

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