JET’s Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Christmas Campaign: Bring a Bag a (Plastic) Bokkle!

Guys and gals! Trot along to the Mall Plaza on Constant Spring Road in Kingston next Tuesday afternoon (December 11, 3 to  6 pm) and “bring a bag a bokkle” (or “Bring a bag of bottles”) and receive a cool Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica chico shopping bag (Chico bags are cool and very strong).
Kudos to the Tourism Enhancement Fund, Wisynco and Recycling Partners of Jamaica for their support!
The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) invites you to Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Christmas – Bring a Bag a Bokkle. Members of the public will be engaged around the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica public education campaign at the event, which will feature the distribution of reusable shopping bags in a “bag for bottles” swap, and the 2018 launch of the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica 12 Tips of Christmas. Members of the public who bring 30 or more plastic bottles for recycling to the event, will receive a reusable Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica “Chico” shopping bag (while stocks last). The reusable shopping bags will also be on sale, with proceeds going towards the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign.
The event will also feature other giveaways from Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica and Wisynco ECO and an outside radio broadcast. The collection of plastic bottles for recycling will be facilitated by Wisynco ECO and Recycling Partners of Jamaica.
Through the distribution and sale of the reusable shopping bags JET will highlight the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags which becomes effective January 1, 2019.
The Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica: 12 Days of Christmas campaign encourages Jamaicans to reduce the amount of garbage they produce during the holiday season by (among other things) taking a reusable bag when going shopping, switching to reusable plates, cups and cutlery at Christmas parties, and giving thoughtful, personal and unique gifts, which don’t generate much waste. The NDUJ Christmas campaign also reminds Jamaicans to recycle plastics wherever possible and that any garbage they do generate must always be put in a bag and placed in a bin for collection.
Suzanne Stanley / Lauren Creary 
Jamaica Environment Trust, 123 Constant Spring Road, Unit 5, Kingston 8
Tel: 876-960-3693 or 876-869-8318; Fax: 876-926-0212

Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica is being delivered by the Jamaica Environment Trust in partnership with the Tourism Enhancement Fund & Wisynco.

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