Special Announcement re: International Coastal Cleanup Day in Jamaica, September 15

It’s the height of hurricane season right now, and we are keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Isaac, which reached the eastern Caribbean today. I just heard that it will not affect Jamaica before late Saturday or early Sunday and that it may be weaker by that time. The center of the storm is likely to pass to the southwest of Jamaica. 

The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has just put out a notice. Based on today’s weather updates, it WILL BE going ahead with its main beach cleanup at the Palisadoes Go-Kart Track early on Saturday morning. Coordinators of the many other cleanups around the island can make their own decision as to whether to go ahead or postpone. An early start is advised!

You can check the latest on Isaac (and other storms moving around the region at the moment) at the National Hurricane Center website. Also, please check the Meteorological Service of Jamaica website for local updates. They are also on Twitter @MetserviceJA.

The latest map of Tropical Storm Isaac’s track at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 13. (National Hurricane Center)

As coordinators of International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) Day activities in Jamaica, the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) has been closely watching the projected path of Tropical Storm Isaac as it heads towards the Caribbean this weekend. ICC Jamaica 2018 is scheduled to take place this Saturday, September 15th, at over 160 cleanup sites across the island.

The latest update from the Jamaica Meteorological Service at 10:00am on Thursday, September 13th, indicates that Issac is still a Tropical Storm, but is expected to weaken and could degenerate into a Wave/Trough sooner than expected. It is forecast that rain from Isaac will not impact Jamaica before Saturday afternoon/evening and will primarily impact the south coast of the island.

Volunteers and Sponsors attending the JET Flagship Beach Cleanup at the Palisadoes Go-Kart Track:
Through consultation with our cleanup sponsors and partners, JET has determined that we will be going ahead with our scheduled flagship cleanup event at the Palisadoes Go-Kart Track this Saturday morning, September 15th starting at 7:30am. We will end slightly earlier than planned (at 10:00am) to give our volunteers and staff the opportunity to leave the site and make their way home with enough time to make any necessary preparations for the storm. This will also allow for the removal of garbage from our cleanup site to in a timely manner.

Volunteers attending other cleanup sites:
Please contact the coordinator for your cleanup site directly, to determine how to proceed. The complete list of 2018 sites and coordinator contacts can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/2018ICCJA

ICC Jamaica site coordinators staging cleanups at other locations across the island:
As ICC site coordinators, you are responsible for running a safe and positive cleanup event. You are also most familiar with your cleanup sites and volunteers. We, therefore, leave the decision in your hands as to whether you continue with your cleanup on Saturday as planned or postpone it to a later date.

If you choose to continue as planned, we strongly recommend carrying out your cleanup activities as early as possible on Saturday morning, ending at the latest 11am. This will give your volunteers the opportunity to leave the cleanup site and make their way home before any impact of the storm is felt.

If you choose to postpone your cleanup event, ensure you contact all your volunteers and suppliers (including the agency collecting your garbage) to let them know, and inform them of your new date.

All cleanups under this programme must take place before October 1st, 2018. JET has extended the deadline for coordinators to submit cleanup data to JET to October 10th, 2018

JET will continue to monitor the storm over the next 48 hours. Stay tuned to our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter @jamentrust) for further updates.

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