Steer Town Academy, Winners of 2018 Katalyxt Youth Innovators’ Competition

It’s always a pleasure and a joy to hear about the Youth Innovators’ Competition, which is hotly contested among our high schools. It is not just about entrepreneurship but about creativity and ideas. The entries are always fascinating, a product of teamwork among students, guided by teachers and advisors. It’s an initiative of Winsome Minott, herself a creative person, who wants to encourage that spirit in young people. She believes in them. So, kudos to Katalyxt, the students, and teachers; and thank you to all the kind sponsors. See details below of the finals of this year’s competition.

Winners Steer Town Academy, Winsome Minott, Katalyxt team leader and Emprezz Golding from Talk Up Yout. (Photo: Katalyxt)


June 2018

Steer Town Academy Emerged Winners of the 2018 Katalyxt Youth Innovators’ Competition

Katalyxt is a division of Mint Management and Finance Services Limited with the responsibility of aiding the growth and development of small and medium enterprises in Jamaica. The long-term goal is to develop the Jamaican business community through the identification and training of existing and prospective entrepreneurs, to increase their chances of success. The business development conference is one of the mediums through which we assist individuals to identify critical success factors for businesses and plan effective strategies charting the course for growth and development

This year marked the 7th staging of our annual Katalyxt Youth Innovators’ Competition which commenced on November 2, 2017, and ended June 1, 2018. The objective of this competition is to engage young innovators in the third (3rd) to six (6th) forms to participate and develop an appetite for innovation. This project seeks to invest in the entrepreneurial potential of Jamaican youths, while instilling in them, the necessary business acumen and preparing students to be movers and shakers of tomorrow’s business industries, be they manufacturing, energy, technology, agriculture, amongst others.

Students from the winning schools listen intently at the awards ceremony.

Students were drawn from Science, Business, Information Technology and Home Economics clubs to focus on entrepreneurship and enterprise. Thereafter, students and advisors organized team(s) to represent the school, and submit an innovative product or service which has an element of originality. Schools were permitted to submit more than one entry. Products and services submitted were judged based on creativity and innovation, execution of product, marketability, and value added, presentation and design, to name a few.

In this year’s competition, we continued our judging categories: the Big Idea! Award; the Sustainability Award, Team Leader’s Award, Top Teacher’s Award, and the Businessman’s Pick.

The Big Idea Prize is awarded to a product/service that must be used and that provides a solution to a daily problem, in addition to being demand-oriented.

Our Sustainability Award is gifted to the product/service that is eco-friendly and contributes to sustainable development, as well as awarded to an idea that has the scalable potential for growth and development.

This year’s competition engaged several of the nation’s best high schools, vying for the most innovative, original, business-ready product or service. The Top Twelve Schools were:

  • Aabuthnott Gallimore High School
  • Ardenne High School
  • Bustamante High School
  • Calabar High School
  • Hampton High School
  • Herbert Morrison High School
  • Jamaica College
  • McGrath High School
  • Nain High School
  • Penwood High School
  • Steer Town Academy
  • Vere Technical High School

The Workshop and Announcement Ceremony was held at the Knutsford Court Hotel on Friday, June 1, 2018.  Katalyxt Team Leader, Winsome Minott, encouraged students to strive for excellence and innovation.

Ardenne High School Product ‘Nature’s Golden Essence’

The Ceremony’s two Guest Speakers, Mr. Gordon Swaby (Entrepreneur) and Mrs. Emprezz Golding (Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant/Entrepreneur) also encouraged students to choose entrepreneurship as the way of self-empowerment. Mr. Swaby stressed the importance of perseverance while Mrs. Golding emphasized the importance of vision as the first step of self-actualization.

2017/18 Youth Innovator’s Competition Winners


  • 1stPlace: Steer Town Academy
    • Product: ‘Blue-Blue X’

 What was won?

In addition to the trophy awarded (donated by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information), each team member received replica trophies as well as cash prizes (for the school and an amount to be divided among team members).

  • 2ND Place: Vere Technical High School
    • Product: “Vere Eco Light”

What was won?

2nd place trophy awarded (donated by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information), replica trophies for each team member and cash prize for the school.

Third place Jamaica College receives a certificate from Katalyxt team leader, Winsome Minott.
  • 3rd Place: Jamaica College
    • Product: ‘Auto Brush’

What was won?

3rd place trophy, Certificate, cash prize for the school.

 McGrath High School was awarded Certificate and received books for placing 4th.

Other awards –

Big Idea Award: Vere Technical High School

o  Product: ‘Vere Eco Light’

What was won?

Big Idea trophy (donated by Development Bank of Jamaica), replica trophies and cash prize to be divided among team members.

 Sustainability award: Steer Town Academy

o  Product: ‘Blue-Blue X

What was won?

Sustainability trophy and Certificate

Winning Product ‘Blue-Blue x’ from Steer Town Academy.

Sustainability Award (1strunner up): Mount Alvernia High School

o  Product: ‘Mentalist’

What was won?

Sustainability trophy and Certificate

Sustainability Award (2ndrunner up): Hampton School

o  Product: ‘Pure Aqua’

What was won?

Sustainability trophy and Certificate

Team Leader’s Award: Hampton School

o  Product: ‘Pure Aqua’

 What was won?

Team Leader’s trophy and Certificate

Businessman’s Pick: Aabuthnott Gallimore High School

o  Product: ‘Sweet Potato Mix

What was won?

Businessman’s Pick trophy and Certificate

Top Teacher Award: Vere Technical High School

What was won?

Top Teacher’s Trophy and a cash prize

Top Teacher Award (runner-up): Steer Town Academy

What was won?

Certificate and cash prize

Special mention was given to Immaculate Conception High School and Mount Alvernia High School for their presentation of good ideas.

The hope of Katalyxt Youth Innovator’s Competition is to continue fostering a deep sense of creativity and innovation among Jamaica’s youth and this year’s competition accomplished just that.

Kudos Katalyxt!

2nd Place product Vere’s Technical High School ‘Eco Light’

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