My Apologies: A World Cup Football Break Has Begun!

Four years ago, I wrote a tongue in cheek post about World Cup 2014. The tournament was full of mishaps, humour and witty comments from my Twitter friends, and this year is shaping up to be much the same…

As an avid football fan, I am going to find it very hard to tear myself away from the television screen for the next couple of weeks. I am, therefore, apologizing in advance. My blog posts may be haphazard and distracted. Anyway, it is currently too hot to even think straight.

This is Jamaica, and Jamaicans go a little crazy when it comes to football. Vendors have been selling flags on the streets, which are then attached to car aerials, lamp posts, gate posts and even building sites. Whether they are year-round football fans or not, many Jamaicans are fervent, long-term Brazil fans – called “Jazilians” – and this remains a tradition. Argentina fans are fewer in numbers but quite fanatical (they became almost hysterical on Twitter today, poor dears). However, in recent years Germany has found favor with the “waggonists” (a Jamaican term, referring to jumping on the bandwagon – that is, not really serious fans).

So, I hope you will forgive me for my erratic appearances at this time (don’t worry, it’s only once every four years). I leave you with a little pictorial (including a couple of memes from the last day or two’s matches). In case you didn’t know, Iceland (population 348,000) held mighty Argentina (population close to 44 million) to a 1-1 draw in a delightfully action-packed game. Where are the Icelandic flags? cried a friend on Twitter. “Mi name Marlonsson now!”

Historian Professor Verene Shepherd complained that the flag sellers on the street did not have any African flags. Good point!

The legendary Lionel Messi’s head hung lower and lower and his shoulders sagged, especially after his penalty kick was saved. By contrast, Cristiano Ronaldo’s cleverly arranged free kick scenario resulted in a masterly equalizer against Spain – what you might call an “Iberian Derby” – and another very exciting draw. Mr. Ronaldo was reportedly charged for tax evasion on the same day…

And a mystic micropig named Marcus has predicted (with apples) that Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria, and Uruguay will reach the semi-finals. Oh?

Meanwhile, Jamaican Twitter doesn’t miss a thing. Stay tuned.







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