Well, we don’t really have a “spring” in the tropics, so the whole concept of renewal is a little bit redundant. Yet, there are signs of change – the main one being that it simply gets hotter. I have started hiding indoors around the middle of the day. And certain trees blossom, or shed their leaves. Can I describe it as “awakening”? I am not sure it is that. Anyway, here goes… I do not have as much to offer as usual…

13 thoughts on “Awakening

  1. Before the ice-snow storm of the weekend, I was watching my perennials pop up, they are still there though now covered in snow and ice. Winter has yet to disappear for us, regardless that the calendar says spring has arrived. It’s all very grey and depressing. A sign of global warning our son says, weird weather extremes.


    1. Goodness me, Catherine! I feel so sorry for you… You had your “awakening” but it has been aborted, so to speak! I really hope you come out of this soon. Yes, climate change is turning seasons upside down, in many different ways…

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  2. We have Spring as in places further north, with blossom and new growth, eg with mangoes and poui trees. But, we have different growing seasons, so have multiple times of renewal, eg with othaheite apples. So, we still a win!


    1. Oh, I must read that poem… We don’t have “seasons” in the true sense of the word, I guess. I miss those changes in northern climes, but we have other benefits I suppose. One aspect of climate change is the growing uncertainty of seasons.

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      1. I miss the seasons as well, especially wisteria and dogwoods and loose scattered plantings of naturalized daffodils. I don’t miss cold winters, except that they give us expectations of longer days and of those spring flowers.

        this year’s climate is acting extremely crazy… did you see that an area in hawaii got 27 inches of rain in 24 hours? our planet is hurling signs of illness yet — yet what can we do to stop this runaway train?


      2. Yes – the seasons seem to be rather out of sync. It is pretty warm here for April, it seems, actually. Yes, I saw the incident in Hawaii. There seem to be more “freak storms” around the place, and the New York subway was flooded, again… All we can do is move a lot faster in trying to combat climate change, whether as individuals, governments, organisations. Whatever we can do! But will it be enough?


      3. I think that even if our planet is past the tipping point, and if it’s not possible to reverse the damages in time, we can still improve the quality of our own surroundings and help mend a tiny patch — or help protect what’s left – even if we have to become brava…. i’ve been brava before, though i also realized i was a guest in this country and had better rein in my behavior!

        one of these days we’ll share stories in person!


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