Katalyxt’s Youth Innovators Competition Goes to St. Ann

A group of high school students made its way to Browns Town, St. Ann (on a smooth road, followed by a bumpy road, as described below!) Here is the Katalyxt team’s report on their second workshop, in preparation for their annual Youth Innovators’ Competition. Damien Williams – a great motivator, who will be launching his book Grab You Some Lemons tomorrow – was guest speaker. I am sure that the students were inspired. Good luck to them all!

Winsome Minott, founder of Katalyxt and Damien Williams interact with the students in Brown’s Town. (Photo: Katalyxt)

Sensitization Workshop of Katalyxt’s 2017/18 Youth Innovators’ Competition (YIC) – Region 3

February 28, 2018

Katalyxt continued training by hosting the second sensitization workshop for the Katalyxt year 2017/18 Youth Innovators’ Competition at the Ministry of Education’s Regional Office in Brown’s Town, St. Ann on February 22, 2018 under the theme “Planting the Seed of Entrepreneurship in Fertile Soil.”

The drive to the home of the Ministry of Education’s office in Region 3 took the Katalyxt team one hour and forty five minutes from Kingston, driving on the North to South Highway to Runaway Bay, then taking a left turn along a winding pothole-filled stretch to Brown’s Town.

As we entered the gates of the office, we felt the excitement as teams were arriving and the students had the sense of “something special was about to happen”; their expectation was realized.  Approximately forty students and sixteen teachers filled the meeting room.  The hard working Senior Education Officer Ms Karlene Segree noted that the event was “Oversold.” 

Katalyxt team member Mrs. Nordia Black welcomed the participants, opening the session giving God thanks for another opportunity to share. The team leader, Ms Winsome Minott delivered one of her memorable challenges, featuring the lives of Jamaican Real Life entrepreneurs including Karl Hendrickson, Robert Levy and Tyrone Wilson. The journeys of these entrepreneurs demonstrate challenges entrepreneurs face, highlighting the importance of overcoming challenges through: motivation, networking, perseverance, offering quality products/services, and employing innovative marketing techniques. Minott stressed the importance of working hard as well as saving to achieve success in businesses.

Guest speaker and author Damien Williams talks to a group of students and their teacher. (Photo: Katalyxt)

The Guest Speaker Mr Damien Williams, a passionate and gifted speaker underscored the need for self motivation. He encouraged each young entrepreneur to find their passion early because a man’s passion is tied to his/her purpose. Williams shared his troubled childhood but more importantly it was his overarching trials that propelled him to tap into his gifts.

Students participated keenly in the training session and learned steps to be adopted to ensure placement in the top ten entries. The team leader in closing reminded the students of the importance of saving and commitment. The students enthusiastically voiced the YIC mantra, ‘We are innovators, we are job creators, we are the best of the best of the region, we are worthy!’

The schools represented at the sensitization workshop included:

Westwood High School

York Castle High School

St Mary Technical High School

Muschett High School

St Hilda’s Diocesan High School

Cedric Titus High School

Aabuthnott Gallimore High School

Brown’s Town High School

William Knibb Memorial High School

Albert Town High School

Ferncourt High School

Mount Alvernia High School

Steer Town Academy

Contact: The Katalyxt Team

katalyxtroom1@gmail.com| 929-1160| 778-1092

Students from several local schools attended the workshop. (Photo: Katalyxt)



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