How Often Did Your MP Attend Parliament in 2017 – 2018? Do You Care?

Yes, I do care – and my Member of Parliament has a reasonable record. I note that the highest number of absences are among Opposition members. Also, why are so many absences without apology? I think perhaps MPs should remember who put them in the House, and make more effort. Messrs Kellier, Campbell and Buchanan… Please try to do better this year! For the sake of your constituents. Thanks so much for this, Susan Goffe!

Right Steps & Poui Trees

Last week Thursday (February 15, 2018) saw the Ceremonial Opening of Parliament for the new Parliamentary year, with all the attendant pageantry. Opening of Parliament 2018 - Gordon House

This included the usual walk on Duke Street by Government and Opposition Members of Parliament, as they entered Gordon House for the first time for the 2018 – 2019 Parliamentary year.

The new year is always a good time to reflect on the performance of Parliament and its members in the past year. One easily tallied and basic marker is attendance. This is a very limited marker admittedly. It indicates nothing about other basic markers such as punctuality or length of stay at each sitting; it doesn’t indicate participation in debates or voting record. It doesn’t indicate whether or not MPs attended meetings of any Committees they were members of and whether they contributed anything useful during those meetings. There are many other aspects to an MP’s performance…

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