Charlie Brown and the Karloo Pool

I have made a new WordPress friend in Australia. Please check out this lovely blog post – descriptive words and beautiful photographs. Take a cool dip with “Charlie Brown”…

The Adventures of Charlie Brown

23 September 2017 Sydney

The cool, crisp air of Sydney’s southern suburbs greeted Charlie Brown as he stepped off the giant public transportation snake. The sky, a washed out blue cloth when he boarded, was now a luxurious azure. Despite the sun’s best attempts at inhospitality, Charlie Brown’s olive safari hat and the strong breeze kept things manageable between them, as he began his hike towards the Karloo pool within the Royal National Park.

The seclusion was immediate.

DSC_0062 Into the wild

It was as if Charlie Brown had stepped out of civilization and into a forest wonderland. And that was fine by him. Charlie Brown took the cap off his memory capture device and put it in his pocket, his right index finger poised over the trigger.

The jungle ochestra began in earnest. The wind, the great conductor of this glorious symphony, swept through the greenery, requesting, sometimes gently, other…

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