The Buddhas: More Reflections from Sri Lanka

Memories of my visit to Sri Lanka late last year keep surfacing. Not least… the Buddhas. They sit on street corners, amidst the noise of blaring horns and roaring buses (Sri Lankan traffic is frenetic). They are encased in glass, serene and oblivious to the chaos surrounding them, the press of humanity.  They seem to gaze over the top of our heads, a Mona Lisa smile on their faces, shining and immaculate in shades of powder blue, light gold or snowy white.

Apart from the urban Buddhas, there are also many country Buddhas. They are generally larger – sometimes extremely large. They stand or sit on hillsides, surrounded by green forest, sometimes on a large rock. They have a better view than the city Buddhas, who generally have a much narrower perspective.

So, after a while, I was constantly looking out for the Buddhas. I wished I could have photographed more of them, but very often they were a fleeting glimpse. Next time I visit Sri Lanka (and I plan to) I will stop and admire them, and bask in their calm gaze.

Here are just a few of them…


6 thoughts on “The Buddhas: More Reflections from Sri Lanka

  1. It’s interesting that those memories keep surfacing – perhaps there’s some mystical message waiting to be discovered. I would also want to take as many photos of the buddhas as possible – each one unique and special!

    The rainy season has kicked off here on the coast, and I embrace it – a good excuse to rest and renew my energies. I’ve been reading your posts offline, though there’s been little time for comments when online. You are one busy woman! Do you ever rest?!!!


    1. Oh yes – I have to admit that there probably is a mystical message! It was in late November/early December. We had so much rain in Sri Lanka, but it was still beautiful. Umm… I need to rest, like you. For me, though, my brother’s visit over Christmas and doing little tours and days out was a great rest, so refreshing! Stay tuned… I am going to write a post about the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, which was extraordinary. 🙂 Enjoy your rain!


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