A New Commissioner. A New Force?

As our latest Police Commissioner prepares to depart this week, after only nine months in office, the question of police reform has risen to the surface in the traditional and social media. In this blog post Susan Goffe points to the importance of a specific Job Description for the Police Commissioner. The pending Police Service Act also needs to be fast-tracked. We cannot have “business as usual” with our police force. As I and many others have said so many times, a complete clean up and revamping is needed (from top to bottom). Police corruption – as has been said many times from various platforms – has been a huge factor in our horrendous crime problem. Simple as that! But, as Susan also points out, this needs strong political will.

Right Steps & Poui Trees

COP QualloLast year January the Police Service Commission (PSC) was in the process of “seeking to identify a suitably qualified candidate either from within or outside the Jamaica Constabulary Force to fill the post of Commissioner of Police as soon as possible.” Less than a year after the new Commissioner of Police was appointed, the PSC is again in that process, as Commissioner George Quallo is set to demit office this week.

In a blog post on January 3, 2017, Advertising for Police Commissioner & Other Public Posts, I shared the advertisement for Commissioner of Police placed in the newspapers on January 1 that year and raised some concerns about the advertising and selection process, concerns which I continue to have.

I think that the advertisement posted is seriously lacking in one regard. It does not set out in any specificity the qualifications and experience required of applicants for the…

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