Variations on a Theme: All Aboard

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is “Variations on a Theme.” This was not too difficult for me, because my husband and I both have a habit of taking series of several photos on the same topic. Well, here is one we did recently (or rather, they were taken by my husband, since I am in most of these photos). During a visit from my brother and his wife, we organised a boat trip, departing from the Salt River field station of the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM). C-CAM’s awesome Science Officer Brandon Hay and three or four young people came with us.

So, here we are: 1) posing in our lifejackets on the deck; 2) standing in the boat, while various arrangements are made; and 3) departing from the deck, smiling.

It was a blissfully calm day. I will post an account of this trip (around Goat Islands and beyond, to Pigeon Island) soon. Meanwhile, here we all are… all aboard!

2 thoughts on “Variations on a Theme: All Aboard

  1. Emma, you seem less than enthusiastic about the motor boat ride but I think you would just love kayaking. Have you paddled? Come to Nee York and I’ll take you through the salt water marshes bu me on Long Island Sound . . . The birds you’ll see!

    Rachel Frankel, A.I.A. via iPhone



    1. Dear Rachel: No, you are wrong… I loved the motor boat ride! The water was smooth as glass. We just took a while to get started… No, I have never kayaked… Your invitation sounds tempting though. Birds will always tempt me!! Emma


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