Submit Your Comments on the Privacy of Personal Data Bill By January 17!

The National Identification and Registration Act 2017 (known as the NIDS legislation) was passed in the House of Representatives on November 21, 2017, amidst considerable public debate. You can read the entire legislation here

For more information on NIDS, go to the dedicated website. You can also submit queries on the site, which has an extensive list of FAQs. Follow NIDS Facts on Twitter @NIDSFacts and like the page on Facebook

There are several questions on the topic “How Secure is My Data?” on the website. This was an area of particular concern for members of the public, the media and some Members of Parliament. Hence the proposed Bill, detailed below, which is expected to be tabled in Parliament by the end of June according to Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Andrew Wheatley.

If  you would like to submit comments on the bill, you should do so not later than January 17, 2018

Privacy of Personal Data Bill

A Bill entitled An Act to Protect the Privacy of Certain Data and Connected Matters will come before Parliament soon. Persons are encouraged to read it and make comments by Jan 17, 2018. See the Notice from the Houses of Parliament below.
This bill seeks to provide protection for the personal data of individuals that are handled by public authorities and within the realm of the Commissioner of Information, a post which does not exist as yet.
The bill highlights the handling of personal data by data controllers in the areas of health and education.

See sections related to exemptions #33 (National Security Exemptions); #36 (Journalism, Literature, Art).

URL for the Act,%202017–.pdf


The Joint Select Committee of Parliament appointed to review the Bill entitled the Data Protection Act, 2017 has extended the period for submissions on the Bill to WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2018.
Members of the public wishing to make submissions on the Bill must do so by this date.
Please send your written submissions to:
Clerk to the Houses
Gordon House

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