Do Not Buy Protected Species as Christmas Gifts!

This is a reminder… Note, the Jamaican Slider Turtle is a freshwater turtle (Trachemys terrapin) found only in Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Yellow-billed Parrots. (Photo: Vaughan Turland)

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) is warning members of the public, who may be seeking to purchase pets as gifts for the Christmas season, to be careful not to buy protected species.

The American Crocodile. (Photo: NEPA)

Protected animals include the Yellow-billed and Black-billed Parrots, the Crested Quail Dove, the Jamaican Parakeet, the American Crocodile, the Jamaican Slider Turtle and the Jamaican Boa (Yellow Snake).

NEPA is reminding the public that it is an offence under the Wild Life Protection Act to have in one’s possession any protected animal or to hunt, kill, capture or willfully molest any of these animals.

Individuals found guilty of the offence may be charged a maximum fine of $100,000 or face one year imprisonment.

NEPA urges members of the public to report any such illegal activities at 754-7540 or   1-888-991-5005. Persons may also call 119 or make a report to the nearest police station.

The Jamaican Boa or Yellow Snake. (Photo: Michael Milinkovitch)

For more information, please contact:

 Rose Marie Lee

Manager, Public Education and Corporate Communication Branch

Tel: (876)754-7540, ext. 2430

Mobile: (876)878-4731



The Jamaican Slider Turtle.

14 thoughts on “Do Not Buy Protected Species as Christmas Gifts!

  1. Even with the purchase of unprotected species, there is a great concern. Many people buy small birds, and treat them as toys. Pet shop sales people should be more involved in educating customers of the important things that relate to the proper treatment of birds, and other animals. My Cockatiel is treated like royalty in my home (no lol). Thanks for the prompting of such a important matter.


    1. You’re welcome. Yes, it’s all part of the picture. Whether protected species or not, many birds that are kept as pets are kept in poor conditions. Glad to hear that your Cockatiel is living a royal life! Thanks for your comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you very much. Please keep up your good work. Remember how much Noah loved all animals. (Really)


      2. Thank you. I sent a message to a friend and asked her for the name of the founder of the SPCA. She actually sent it to me, but “I straightened her out !!!!!” Please have a good night.


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