Took Time On National Heroes’ Day To #BigUpJamaica

#BigUpJamaica is a simple, but effective way of expressing appreciation for the little island we live on. The good things in life. Fellow blogger Susan Goffe posted a series of lovely tweets yesterday, so I thought I would share this with you. Thanks to Fi Wi Jamaica for this great, open-hearted initiative!

Right Steps & Poui Trees

There is a whole lot about our country that needs radical change and we know it. And still we love this place. Fi Wi Jamaica, the University of Technology’s “national social intervention project which seeks to bring awareness to and, ideally, protection for targeted socially oppressed groups and individuals in Jamaica”, sponsored a Twitter event today, National Heroes’ Day. BigUpJamaica - Fi Wi Jamaica

Many individuals and organizations joined in:BigUpJamaica - PMI - 16-10-17BigUpJamaica - EqualityJABigUpJamaica - Damien WilliamsBigUpJamaica - Flagstaff Tours 16-10-17

I joined in with a series of tweets of my own:BigUpJamaica - SG 1BigUpJamaica - SG 2BigUpJamaica - SG 3BigUpJamaica - SG 4BigUpJamaica - SG 5BigUpJamaica 6

If you want to learn more about the Fi Wi Jamaica project, take a look at their page on Facebook or read a recent press release of theirs, which blogger Emma Lewis shared in a post: Fi Wi Jamaica: Past, Present and Future

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