Waiting…and Waiting.

Waiting is a pause, a pause before the action. That is this week’s Photo Challenge. I often seem to take pictures of people before an event, while they are waiting for something to happen. The body language of a human being “on pause” is interesting and amusing. Birders are by nature quite patient; I have learned some of this from bird-watching. These people are waiting for something – or someone – someone to arrive, or for a decision to be made. And the bird? Well, there had to be a bird somewhere didn’t there? This heron in Grenada, one leg bent, seems to be thinking, “Well, what next?”

13 thoughts on “Waiting…and Waiting.

  1. Herons in Jamaica? I didn’t know! He looks just like the fellow I photographed in Yorkshire, UK for this week’s challenge. Well, maybe not quite the same: I think it may be a slightly different variety.


    1. Yes, they are interesting! The body language. Waiting for hurricanes is also really painful. We did that last year with Hurricane Matthew, who took his time moving around the Caribbean, and eventually missed us. Jamaica has been fortunate so far. But yes – the waiting is the worst part!

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