JCF Administrative Review Committee Clears JCF…Of Pretty Much Everything

This is a very disturbing development, among many in the past week or two. The police have absolved themselves of any blame in the Tivoli Gardens massacre. They behaved in exemplary fashion, according to their report. What is more, the police committee properly “dissed” the three distinguished Commissioners in their administrative review. I wrote about this matter for Global Voices here. I might add that both the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Security have so far been silent on the matter.

Right Steps & Poui Trees

Two days ago (August 8, 2017) Commissioner of Police George Quallo released the “Report of Administrative Review Committee Appointed to Review Conduct of JCF Named Officers During the 2010 West Kingston Operation and Related Matters”.

(Click for JCF West Kingston Administrative Review Committee Report – June 2017)

Since the release, there has been increasing discussion of the report, with expressions of criticism and concern. I have been among those expressing concerns as, having read the report, I believe it raises questions of process, substance and tone. I think that beyond the report itself, there is also the consideration of its wider impact on issues of post-Commission of Enquiry processes and of police accountability.

The Committee started its review on February 28, 2017 and concluded on June 19, 2017, having had eleven sittings. Its Terms of Reference (TOR) were as follows:JCF Administrative Review Committee TORThe members of the Committee were:JCF Admin Review Comm members

The findings of…

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