Investigative journalism can make a difference

My friend and journalist Kate Chappell has been training community-based investigative journalists for the past three months. I look forward to hearing more stories from the group. Meanwhile, I noted that the former and current political representative were both responsive on this sad story – which is a good things. The idea is to “shine a light,” as Kate says. Congrats to all the trainees!

Jamaican Journal

Early this morning I went downtown with Zahra Burton of 18 Degrees North to meet some of our community journalists. This is part of the project I have been talking about to train community members from across Jamaica in investigative journalism. It is organized by Global Reporters for the Caribbean and in partnership with USAID’s COMET II and National Integrity Action. At the end of the three-month period, which is upon us, we will have produced 10 stories that have underlying them an attempt to hold authorities to account, shine a light on an issue that doesn’t normally get attention and provide a voice to those who may not have one.

We were going on air on POWER 106 with hosts Damion Mitchell and Althea McKenzie to discuss one of 10 stories we will be publishing in the next few weeks.

In this case, a mother, Lushana Bennett, tragically…

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