Weekly Photo Challenge: Heavenly Bridges and Rainbow Bridges

I thought about the theme Bridge for the last photo challenge, and realised that I didn’t have many pictures of actual bridges. But for some reason, music came into my mind, and rainbows. Ah, the two are connected.

One of my favourite hippy-era Jimi Hendrix albums is a rather obscure album called Rainbow Bridge, released in 1971 not long after Jimi’s death. I have the vinyl album by the way, and here is the inside cover. There was a film of the same name, but he does not play any of the tracks in the film. It’s just Jimi doing a little musical excursion – including one of my favourite instrumental pieces of his, Pali Gap (here’s a rather nice video of that particular dreamy little number). There’s also a Rainbow Bridge in southern Utah, one of the highest natural bridges in the world and the subject of a Navajo legend. I’m including it – not my photo, but just rather majestic. Rainbow Bridge is also supposedly the way our little (or large) canine friends get to heaven – rather sentimental, really. There’s also a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth in one of those fierce Norse legends; it’s called Bifröst. It appears in Marvel comics and movies, too!

Music is also a bridge, to my way of thinking. It is a bridge of unity and mutual understanding, over which people can cross. It also conveys messages – especially perhaps, drums.


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