WROC and NIA To Launch Skills Training Project to Promote a Culture of Integrity: Wednesday June 28

The combination of the Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre (WROC) and National Integrity Action (NIA) is a powerful one, especially when reaching out to empower members of some of Kingston’s most vulnerable communities. This project is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and as you read below, it is part of a larger joint programme, Strengthening a Culture of Integrity, that will include both gender perspectives and developing civic awareness and responsibility. If you would like to join them on Wednesday, please let me know! Please find WROC’s press release below:

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June 26, 2017

WROC, NIA Launch Life Skills Component of Integrity Project on June 28

The Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre (WROC) and National Integrity Action (NIA) will launch the education and life skills training segment of their project, Strengthening a Culture of Integrity, on Wednesday, June 28 at 10:00 a.m. at WROC’s office, 47 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is funding the two-year programme.

A total of 50 selected applicants aged 17 – 40 years from the surrounding community of Lyndhurst/Greenwich Town, as well as Maxfield Park and Kencot will attend classes at WROC (24 hours weekly) in Mathematics, English and Social Studies. They will also attend regular sessions on Personal Development (three hours weekly). Participants do not have marketable qualifications, are unemployed and are not enrolled in any training or educational course.

While academic competence may vary, the aim of the study programme is to work with individuals to achieve their maximum potential. Students will have access to computers on a daily basis. They will be encouraged to sit CXC examinations.

“We aim to develop coping skills for issues that affect community members on a daily basis,” says Lead Instructor Ivan Coore. “They will be able to communicate better – both verbally and in writing. They will be able to handle space, time and money more effectively. And most of all, their self-confidence will improve.”

An anti-corruption message from the Jamaica Youth Theatre at the visit of the Chair of Transparency International to Jamaica, Jose Ugaz: UTech, March 2015.

In keeping with the goals of both WROC and NIA, class discussions will include gender issues such as violence against women, parenting, traditional gender roles, family planning and sexual and reproductive rights. The Social Studies segment will highlight civic duties and responsibilities, with a specific focus on integrity; human rights; and how corruption influences our lives, individually and collectively.

A trained psychologist will be on hand on a weekly basis to assist participants with any psycho-social challenges and provide professional advice – as well as a listening ear. One hour of yoga practice per week, motivational talks on workplace rules and norms, personal grooming and values and attitudes will also form part of this holistic approach.

“This is a critical, powerful aspect of the integrity programme,” says Nikeisha Sewell Lewis, Executive Director at WROC. “The aim is to create an energy and motivation among our community members that we hope they will then impart to their peers. Importantly, it will equip them with the tools, knowledge and qualifications to make an impact in the ‘New Jamaica’ we all aspire to.”

“WROC and the communities it serves are looking forward to working together in this exciting partnership.”

For further details please contact me or Marsha Grant, Programme Manager at WROC.
Tel: 929-8873; 960-9067
Twitter: @WROCJamaica


Nikeisha Sewell Lewis, Executive Director of the Women’s Resource and Outreach Centre (WROC) speaking at a 51% Coalition event in July 2016. (My photo)


NIA Executive Director Professor Trevor Munroe with Integrity Ambassadors at last week’s graduation event with Youth Crime Watch of Jamaica. (My photo)



4 thoughts on “WROC and NIA To Launch Skills Training Project to Promote a Culture of Integrity: Wednesday June 28

  1. The Jamaican people have to develop a strong ethical culture across the entire nation – both in the private and public sector. Civics and ethics in the educational system are essential for preserving democracy and a civilize society, so that all people can co-exist in an atmosphere of fairness.
    Ethics call for character, integrity, fairness, honesty, a determination to do what’s right, and to adhere to the laws of the country.
    Many individuals who are skilled in rhetoric, have personal financial, ideological or political objectives, will obfuscate the people to benefit their own greed.
    Too many unqualified, incompetent cronies are placed in administrative positions and those individuals are not held accountable, or to specific performance.
    This could be the start of that new generation of patriots willing to rehabilitate Sweet Jamaica.


    1. Thank you for your comments, Ken. Yes, we really need to get back to those “good old-fashioned” values – there is nothing new about them, but once those concepts of integrity, fairness (a good word), honesty etc. start to break down, we are in trouble. I do hope this will be the start of something very positive for Jamaica!


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