Transient: Moving Right Along…

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is the word “transient.” To me, this means something like “just passing through.” It suggests movement, and a fleeting moment in time.

At our nephew’s wedding in Northumberland in the UK, a few years back, we sat on benches watching the sunset. It was an occasion when the family were united – and an evening that came and went.

During their last visit to Jamaica (an annual event, as they explore and catalogue Jewish cemeteries in Jamaica) I met the American/Jamaican Jewish volunteers at the Elletson Road cemetery. Many graves are badly damaged – some made of marble have been simply hacked off, so we don’t know who was buried there. This word “Depart” on a fragment sums up the transience of our lives. We, too, are just passing through.

And what is more transient than a lighted candle, or a bunch of blossom? They will soon be gone, in the blink of an eye.


11 thoughts on “Transient: Moving Right Along…

  1. That was a very rich interface with reality to express the passing moment we spent on the planet and what this brief moment means to some or all if we are very overt in expressing our short journey.


    1. Thank you. It was a magnificent English summer evening. Just a few hours together as a family (we are all rather scattered…) Yes, “depart” – that does trigger emotions, doesn’t it. Saying goodbye!


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