Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting… at King’s House, Jamaica

“Reflecting” is a Weekly Photo Challenge with many possibilities. At first, I thought of introspection. I love taking photos of people deep in thought – listening perhaps. But then I remembered a visit to King’s House (the Governor General’s residence) with Dr. Marcia Forbes and a group of videography interns, who had been doing a free summer training course at her company, Phase Three Productions. That was back in 2014.

I remembered that the historic building (the original King’s House in Kingston was destroyed in the 1907 earthquake) had a wealth of beautiful reflections. I was fascinated. Here are a few.

I have added a strange and slightly sinister photograph of Greater Portmore Sewage Ponds! Yes, I know – a real contrast. It is a great undisturbed place for birdwatching. But, lurking beneath the still water – or rather, the clouds reflected in it – are quite a few crocodiles. They put their eyes and snout above the water every now and then to see what was happening, when we were there.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting… at King’s House, Jamaica

  1. Emma, I would like to start a blog, and I need to get a Blog 101 from you. Please give me some advice.

    Claire Spence
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    1. Hello Claire. Well, I think I would have to give you a presentation or sit down and take you through the steps! Just start with WordPress – they will also take you through the steps too!


    1. Thank you. I thought I would throw in the sewage ponds as a little jarring note, so to speak. It was a little unnerving when the crocodiles came to the surface and eyed us, just a few feet away. They decided birders weren’t good eating, I am happy to say!

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