Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger! Comes in Many Forms…

Danger – whether real or imagined – may be lurking round the corner. Sometimes it’s a dangerous person, sometimes a place. Here are a few photos from my archives that to me have an element of danger. I will have to explain, though, exactly how and why… Warning signs are not always clear.

The first picture of some impressive-looking plants may not look in the least scary. I took this photograph by the side of a canal in southern England. The Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is a noxious plant that causes severe skin inflammation if you even brush against it. If it comes near your eyes, it can cause temporary or permanent blindness. Admire it from afar.

The scenic view of rocky cliffs in Hector’s River, Portland may not frighten you, either. However, when we visited there last year on a birdwatching trip, I was reminded of the day some 25 years ago, when a truck carrying workers in the back went over the cliff and landed in the sea there. Nine people died. According to one of the many lurid newspaper reports at the time, only an arm belonging to one of them was found near an area called Sharks’ Rock, which you can see in this photo.

Then there is this bird – the endemic Jamaican Crow, who made his presence felt for some time during a visit to Seville Great House in St. Ann. Why was he perched there, making so much noise? He was trying to ward off a Red-Tailed Hawk, which was patrolling the area. Animals are good at sensing danger – even before we humans do.

Well, what is the most dangerous creature on Earth? It has to be a human. We are a danger to each other. This posed photograph of a man pointing his gun was taken by Peter Dean Rickards – a cutting edge videographer, photographer and writer, who died on New Year’s Eve 2014.

The last photograph is our kerbside tribute, last September, to a small child who was in danger in Luke Lane, downtown Kingston. Little Demario Whyte, aged two, died at this spot, caught by a bullet fired when a group of mine invaded the community. I went there with a group of sisters to express our sympathy.

There is danger all around us.




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