Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

The Weekly Photo Challenge is about Security. The suggested interpretations of this theme are all very cozy and comfortable. However, security is a concern of us all, in Jamaica as in many other countries. I sometimes think it’s partly a mindset. Do we feel secure – whether we actually are or not? Don’t we sometimes have a false sense of security… or insecurity?

So, the cover photo is of a smartphone app which our Ministry of National Security has been urging us to download for a little while now. It’s called Stay Alert and it’s on Google Play. Just having downloaded it makes me feel better. If I do witness a crime or see myself or someone else in danger, it’s a very useful resource. I would love to know how it is doing and if it has helped the average Jamaican citizen. Anyway, I encourage you to download it.

Two of the photos below are “home-connected.” Home is the most secure place we know…isn’t it? Wherever we are in the world. So the photos are of our old gate with a padlock on it, and our beloved dog Girlie (sadly now passed away, whom we miss) on her sentry duty.



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