JET, TEF and Wisynco Partner for Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Cleanup Network

You will recall the recent Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica public education campaign, focusing on the issue of garbage, garbage everywhere – with the very catchy song and animations. Very good work by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET). Well, an extension of the Clean Coasts Project and Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica has a new community focus. Unfortunately I missed the launch yesterday, but I applaud the Wisynco Group, JET and the Tourism Enhancement Fund for this great public/private/NGO partnership and wish this project every success! Although Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica has never seen itself as a “clean up campaign,” the good thing about clean ups is that they do raise awareness. Besides, people want to DO something! Congrats to all…

Wisynco’s William Mahfood is setting a great example of corporate social responsibility, which I hope other Jamaican companies will follow – good to see Jamaica Broilers on board with this project, too. (My photo)

“We need to create a wave that sweeps all of Jamaica,” said William Mahfood, Chairman of the Wisynco Group speaking at the launch of the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Cleanup Network on March 28, 2017. Mr. Mahfood was referring to changing the poor attitude to solid waste management in Jamaica. The Wisynco Group has joined the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) to support Phase III of the Clean Coasts Project (CCP) and the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign, led by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET).

In commenting on the new partnership between JET, TEF and Wisynco, Diana McCaulay, JET’s CEO, said, “This is a new approach for JET where we have an NGO led project, funded by a government agency and a private sector company. The funding received from Wisynco enables us to expand Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica to include activities like the cleanup network, and extend the reach of several other Clean Coasts Project components.”

While making his first public presentation since assuming leadership of TEF on March 1, 2017, Executive Director, Dr. Carey Wallace, emphasized the importance of a clean environment for Jamaica’s tourism industry and his support for the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign and Clean Coasts Project.

The Clean Coasts Project (CCP) brings together stakeholders from across Jamaica – schools, citizens, government, and tourism industry players – to tackle the problem of poor solid waste management. Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica is the public education component of CCP.

(From left) Sponsorship and events manager at Wisynco Jermaine Brown, founder and CEO of Jamaica Environment Trust Diana McCaulay, representative of Negril Education Environment Trust Kristina Hanniford, and executive director of the Tourism Enhancement Fund Dr Carey Wallace check out the contents of one of the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica clean-up kits distributed to community groups at Knutsford Court Hotel yesterday. (Garfield Robinson/Jamaica Observer)

“Since launching in 2015, JET had always maintained that Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica was not a cleanup campaign,” said Suzanne Stanley, Deputy CEO of JET, “but over the past two years as it became more and more popular, awareness about Jamaica’s solid waste issues has increased, and we have been getting more and more requests from groups wanting to do something practical to help fix the problem – like cleanups.”

As national coordinators of International Coastal Cleanup Day JET has witnessed the increasing popularity of cleanups in Jamaica. In 2008, when JET took over as national coordinators just over 1,500 volunteers turned out to clean up 34 sites on ICC Day. That number grew to over 9,000 people volunteering to cleanup 138 sites last year – a record breaking turnout for Jamaica. “Cleanups are a great way to spread the message of our need to improve solid waste management. They are also a great way to get everyone energized around the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica message,” said Stanley. Unlike International Coastal Cleanup Day, the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Cleanup Network gives coordinators the option to conduct inland as well as beach cleanups.

The highlight of Tuesday’s event was the handing over of 14 kits to the first set of cleanup coordinators to join the network. Coordinators including schools, community groups, non-government organisations and one private sector company will be conducting cleanups across the island throughout 2017. The distributed cleanup kits contained gloves, reusable bottles, t-shirts, garbage bags, clean-up tips, contact information for waste handlers and data cards. Non-corporate groups also received a stipend to assist with cleanup expenses. Recycling Partners of Jamaica will collect plastic bottles from the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica clean-ups and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has made a commitment to remove other waste. DFL Importers donated garbage bags as well.

Clean up days boost awareness of environmental issues. This photo is from last year’s International Coastal Cleanup Day activity at Palisades Beach. (My photo)

Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica Cleanup Network Coordinators, including cleanup sites and dates:

1. Port Morant Community Development Committee: Port Morant, St Thomas, April 2017
2. Sandy Bay/Mt. Pelier Environment Club: Sandy Bay, Hanover, April 2017
3. St. Elizabeth Parish Development Committee: Black River, St Elizabeth, April 2017
4. Bushy Park Phase 2 Citizens’ Benevolent Society: Bushy Park, Clarendon, May 2017
5. Negril Education Environment Trust: Long Bay, Westmoreland, May 2017
6. Portsmouth Primary School: Waterford, St. Catherine , May 2017
7. UWI Port Royal Marine Laboratory: Port Royal, Kingston, May 2017
8. White River Marine Association: White River, Ocho Rios, St. Ann, May 2017
9. Drewsland Police Youth Club: Drewsland, Kingston, June 2017
10. Alligator Head Foundation: Long Bay, Portland, July 2017
11. Duncans Bay Citizen Association: Duncans Bay, Trelawny, July 2017
12. Jamaica Broilers Group – Best Dressed Chicken: Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine, August 2017
13. Rotaract Club Of May Pen: Welcome Beach, Clarendon, August 2017
14. Jamaica School For Social Entrepreneurship: Mandeville, Manchester, October 2017

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