Uncertainty in a world of quick answers: The JCF paints itself into a corner over a murder most foul

I have been so busy running up and down that I have not been following the case of the murder of a teenager, Khajeel Mais over five years ago, as closely as I should have. I have however written about “The Court of Public Opinion” on my Gleaner/Social Impact blog this week. Suffice it to say that this was a tragedy, and is now a heightened tragedy – a “high profile” case that is now in the ghastly glare of media hype, social media agonizing and the grief – the sheer grief and pain – of Khajeel’s family. Where is your love, Jamaica? Where is your justice, Jamaica? And above all perhaps – where is the TRUTH? This is my fellow blogger Dennis Jones’ take on all of this.

Jamaica: Political Economy

When I do not know the answer to a question, I try to find it. If I cannot find it, then I go away with the frustration that the question remains unanswered–at least, for me. I do not want to speak for others, just myself. I often try to put what facts I can find against the question to give me the answer. Just getting statements that purport to be the answer is not good enough. If those statements seem to have flaws, then I try to find ways to remove those. Until I get clarity I will not make a pronouncement. I do not want to speak for others, just myself. I’m patient and will hold my judgement until I feel I can go forward with a view that I can back up.

I have been following a murder case in Jamaica that just ended with the suspect being freed…

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